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500 Words on Wrestling Heels

The Russian Bear Ivan Koloff is much smaller than you would expect. In his heyday, announcers would say that The…

No. 1 Starters

At any given time, there are probably no more than a dozen pitchers that are widely considered No. 1 starters….

500 Words on Ben Zobrist

In 2009 and again in 2011, Ben Zobrist led the American League in Wins Above Replacement, which in some households…

Ten Most Lopsided Trades Ever

If you look closely, you will see No. 36 on the all-time baseball list. Let’s make a steal

A Zack Greinke Story

So, I wrote about Zack Greinke for like the 11 millionth time. Whew, I’ve been writing about Greinke for a…

Golf, Stardom and Jordan Spieth

It was pretty amazing being in St. Andrews to watch Jordan Spieth make his bid for the third leg of…