Hi. I’m Joe. This is Joe Blogs. Or JoeBlogs. I'm not sure if that should be one or two words. I kind of like the way it looks as one word. But I think it makes more sense as two words.

Joe Bloggs is actually a cliche name they use in England when they are just talking about some random person, sort of like the way we might use “Joe Schmo.” But I don’t think it would make sense to call this Joe Bloggs, with two Gs, because most of you are not from England. And I don’t think it would make sense to call it Joe Schmo because that doesn’t really make sense, plus there’s already a Joe Schmo reality TV show.

And those first two paragraphs should tell you all you need to know about Joe Blogs (or JoeBlogs). This is the stupid stuff we obsess over here.

What else can I tell you about myself? I’ve been a professional writer since I was 19 years old, and I got paid three cents per word to write a story for a baseball card magazine called Beckett Monthly. My first check was for something like $33.18, and I would have framed it except that I needed the money.

I’ve written a lot of words since. Too many words, most would say … anyway, that’s what people in my family say. I’ve written, I guess, some 10,000 columns, hundreds and hundreds of magazine pieces, 78.3 million tweets and six books — the latest one, The Baseball 100, came out in September and weighs more than three pounds. Ernest Hemingway was obviously a pretty good writer, and Ken Burns just did an amazing documentary about him … but did Ernest Hemingway ever write a three-pound book?

I think not.

All right, what else? We’re going to have fun here at Joe Blogs. Baseball. Football. Tennis. Chess. Family. Basketball. Music. Infomercials. Movies. Olympics. Hockey. Nonsense. Magic. It will be an adventure. I hope you’ll come along.

What they’re saying about Joe Blogs:

“My friend, Joe is an amazing writer and storyteller. He’s an award-winning sports journalist (if you don’t trust my opinion, that’s how you know he’s good). He has launched Joe Blogs … if you’re a sports fan like myself, I promise you’ll love it.”

— Alex Shibutani, ice dancer, two-time Olympic medalist with his sister Maia

“I love Joe’s writing so much that even though we’re texting all day every day, I’ll still pay to read his musings on chess, movies, ping pong … actually, I’m starting to rethink this.”

— Former Major League pitcher Brandon McCarthy

“My dope friend Joe is starting a new adventure of writing about sport and life and more and check it outs!”

— Actor, comedian, third-sexiest North Bavarian DJ, Flula Borg

“Deal of the century.”

— Actor and author Nick Offerman

“The thought of Joe Posnanski now having limitless capacity to scribe to his heart’s content makes me smile. Best $7 you’ll spend in this or any other month.”

— New York Post sport columnist Mike Vaccaro

“If you are the kind of person who enjoys ‘getting their money’s worth,’ might I suggest my friend Joe Posnanski’s new Substack, which (knowing how obsessively he writes) for $7/mo will give you roughly $12,000/mo worth of words.”

— Television writer, producer and co-host of the PosCast Michael Schur

“If you like reading about sports or life or just love reading fantastic writing, you should subscribe. And if you don’t subscribe, you’ve got to ask yourself: Why do I have an email address and an internet connection?”

— Attorney, author and veteran Jason Kander

“The internet is 99% trash and your email box is at least 95% annoying; we need copious amounts of Posnanski verbiage to make either of them worth facing. Fortunately, copious verbiage is what Joe does.”

— Actor, poet and baseball fan extraordinaire Ellen Adair

“I used to write lots of letters of recommendation for folks seeking new jobs. When I had complete confidence in the person, I’d say they came ‘with a money-back guarantee.’ Joe Posnanski comes with a money-back guarantee.”

— Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Howard Weaver

“I can 100 percent guarantee this will be worth your money and time: baseball, football, magic, music, crazy drafts, weird commercials … Joe contains multitudes. And they’re all amazing writers.”

— Author, journalist and podcaster Tommy Tomlinson

“Joe’s writing is always interesting and entertaining, you should check it out.”

— Tony Award-winning actor Joe Mantegna