What is JoeBlogs?

No earthly idea. Here’s the deal: I used to be a sportswriter. I was a newspaper sportswriter, a magazine sportswriter, a television network sportswriter and a sportswriter employed by Major League Baseball. I did what sportswriters do — I went to games, interviewed athletes, traveled constantly and wrote on deadline.

I loved every minute of it. I really did.

In 2007, while working for The Kansas City Star, I started this blog. It wasn’t called JoeBlogs until later — it used to be called Curiously Long Posts — but from the very start it was entirely different from all the other writing I did. I never planned anything. I just wrote stuff, whatever came to mind. Most of what came to mind had some sort of baseball twist, but then I wrote about Snuggies. I wrote about movies. I wrote about our daughters. I wrote about the nice person who returned my iPad after I left it on a plane, and I wrote about the time that I drove a young Chinese woman, a complete stranger who spoke almost no English, from Pittsburgh to New York. I wrote about getting lost in Iowa, the true villain of “A Few Good Men,” and The Olive Garden.

Even after all these years, I still don’t know what JoeBlogs is. I’m not really a sportswriter now, so JoeBlogs is where I unload the endless sports stories that flood my brain. This is where I write about the 100 greatest baseball players ever. But it’s also a constant surprise, even to me, especially to me. I wake up with an impulse. I write wherever the impulse goes. Often it doesn’t work. Sometimes it does, though.

Sometimes I even make Lin-Manuel Miranda cry.

What You Get

You definitely will get many long, long, long stories about baseball — current baseball and historic baseball — in addition to the constant bits of randomness that has been a JoeBlogs trademark for more than a decade.

These stories will be available online, via email or via RSS feeds.

You will also get special bonus content from The PosCast, the podcast that I co-host with television producer and noted Yankees hater Mike Schur.

There will also be early alerts for various special events that I cannot yet mention but I can tell you they should be pretty cool.

You will also hear A LOT about a certain book about Houdini that comes out Oct. 22.

What is Costs

If you subscribed to JoeBlogs in its previous life on Patreon, you should have gotten a discount coupon in the mail. If you did not or you misplaced it or whatever, please send along an email request, and I’ll make you sure you get another one.

The price for JoeBlogs is $6 monthly, or to save a buck a month you can go with the annual subscription of $60.