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Yo Joe! Baseball 100, Desserts, Goodell

Three days in a row!

From Brilliant Reader Adam.

Yo Joe! What happened with the Baseball 100?
It was really going well, then hit #41 and just stopped.
At least release your top 40, even if you can’t write a post on each of them.


I did write about this a couple of times — it was really going well until about 60 and then my schedule went absolutely bananas, and the next 20 were sucking the life out of me. I’m writing this book about Tom Watson. We’re about to unveil this new thing at NBC Sports. There just isn’t enough time in the day.

I did offer to release the final 40 and was flooded with emails from people asking that I not do it — that it wouldn’t be much fun to just read a list without the accompanying essays. That was a nice thing to say — maybe most people don’t agree. But it did make me think about the best way to do this. After I finish this Watson book, I am considering writing a book of baseball, with the Top 100 as an anchor, so for now I’m going to hold on to the list.

From Brilliant Reader Carlos:

Yo Joe! I was wondering if you kept following the English Premier League. In case you didnt miss a beat about this Soccer League, I’d ask you: What’s your opinión about Manchester United recent signings: Angel Di Maria and Falcao. Dont you see the attack very “crowded” with all those top players?


I am still following — now more than ever, in fact — and am planning a trip over in the next couple of weeks to work on a couple of cool stories. I can’t say I know enough about the game to know how the two big signings will work at Man U, but I will admit it did feel a bit like an NFL team acting like a fantasy baseball team, signing big names without really considering how they will actually play together.

It’s probably premature — no, check that, it’s definitely premature — but I’m getting kind of excited about Swansea City. They seem to me sort of a David Eckstein team, gritty, overachieving, lots of defense, have no idea how they’re actually winning. I guess we’ll see more Saturday when they play Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

From Brilliant Reader Steve:

Yo Joe! It is my opinion that we have reached the point in history where every dessert and sport have already been invented.   Everything from this point forward are just variations.
Have we reached the apex of desserts and sports? Any possibility of something on the horizon that I can’t imagine?


I remember when I was a kid, I felt absolutely sure that there was nothing left to invent. I mean we had radio (sound) and television (sound and sight) what else was there? I never bought that they were going to invent flying cars.

In sports, I do see a future in the virtual world — I wouldn’t begin to know how that would play out, but video games are SO sophisticated now, and you know that will keep building. I did see a documentary the other day about the world Paper, Scissors, Stones Championship, so I guess people will keep trying to add sports.

As far as desserts — I tend to believe we have reached the point where there’s nothing more than can be done with chocolate. But I hope I’m wrong.

From Brilliant Reader Michael:

Yo Joe! Where does Roger Goodell rank among the four major sports commissioners historically (with the obvious caveat that his commissionship is not done yet)?
I know recency bias is affecting me, but with Ray Rice, the replacement refs, the purported ignorance of concussions and the concussion settlement, the 18 game season that NO ONE wants, the lockout and a multitude of other missteps, he has to be near the bottom right?
And a second, and perhaps more important question, does his competency or lack thereof even matter with football just an automatic money machine? I mean, most fans hate him, but they still watch in droves.


I wrote three years ago that Goodell is 20,000 leagues over his head. I have been given no reason to change my mind. He comes across to me as an empty suit, utterly unable to balance what’s right with what looks good with what owners want — look at his pathetic waffling approach to the Washington name issue. The Ray Rice fiasco to me is typical of his leadership or lack of it.

And, no, it doesn’t matter. The NFL, for the time being, is utterly bulletproof.

You can email me with comments, questions, or whatever.

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50 Responses to Yo Joe! Baseball 100, Desserts, Goodell

  1. Chad says:

    Joe Posnanski: “After I finish this Watson book, I am considering writing a book of baseball, with the Top 100 as an anchor, so for now I’m going to hold on to the list.”

    Yes, please.

  2. Yo Joe! Kinda BS you start a top 100 list, give us 60 then say we have to pay for the other 40 when you get around to writing a book about the top 100. Just saying.

    • Jud says:

      Joe could charge for this blog. Just enjoy what we have ‘for free!’ And if we have to buy a book to get the last 40, so be it.
      Just saying

      • The guy has a point. In any other industry, or media, if someone told you they were giving you something for free, then half way through said, “oops no, the rest will be fee based”, we’d all be howling.

        Maybe Joe intends to finish the list in this space, then put out the book with some additional value adds…. And his fans will buy it even if they’ve read the blog. I wasn’t entirely clear on his plan, and I’m not sure Poz has a final plan yet either.

        So, I guess we’ll see.

    • Charlie says:

      Yo Matt! Kind of BS that you expect all of Joe’s work for free! Just saying.

      • Yes. Because that’s exactly what I said. I said I expect all his work for free.

      • Probably most of us read his NBC stuff, for which Joe gets paid, because of the links provided on this site. Some of you guys act like Joe is a starving artist that we’re somehow ripping off by reading his “free” blog. To me, it sounds like his career is taking off, as it should with his excellent writing. But his blog is part of that success engine. It’s helped build a very loyal fan base that will follow him around wherever he goes…. And he can point out his new jobs/websites on this blog forever. Free, yes. A good business vehicle for Joe? Also yes. No need to shed tears. Joe is doing fine for himself.

        • And btw: how many Paterno, Watson and Top 100 books do you think will be sold off links from this site? Joe offers a great service on this blog. But he benefits from it too. Nothing wrong with that at all. I would argue that the links and book offer(s) make this not a free site. It’s a fan/marketing site with some free content…. Not unlike professional team sites where we can read the latest news, watch video updates AND buy tickets and fan bling.

    • Jason Connor says:

      Matt: you could always get the book at the library.

      I’m just thankful for what Joe GIVES us here.

    • Handler says:

      Kinda BS that you’d bring up this kinda BS. Go to the library if you don’t wanna pay for the baseball book. Just saying.

    • Patrick Bohn says:

      I’m constantly amazed at the criticism some fans level at Joe for this Top 100 list. I’ve never seen a list on a blog/personal website that’s accompanied by essentially feature-length pieces for each player. He probably wrote well over 100,000 words on those 60 players alone. That kind of writing/storytelling takes *time*, especially when it’s not your sole endeavor.

    • owenpoin says:

      I, for one, would love more poscast episodes. I would like one a week with Michael Schur, and a second every week with other guests. I would also like more blog activity generally and a montage video of Joe playing tennis with lots of quick cuts that make you say, “whoa, this guy’s good.” What irks me about Joe is that he insists on spending time with his wife and family, maintaining a prestigious job, and writing a book that has nothing to do with that job, as well as whatever he does with his life, like play tennis or interact with humans in a non-work capacity. What gives, Joe? Use that Hermione go back in time thing and satiate my desires for more of your prose!

    • MattG says:

      How is this any different from the millions of free apps for smart phones, tablets, etc,, that then sell you an upgrade to the full version? Is that BS? While I don’t always like it, I know I have a choice to continuing using the limited version I got for free, or to pay a few bucks to get the full experience. Seems like a tried and true business model to me.

    • gogiggs says:

      Ever hear of a library?
      Look into it. They’re awesome.

    • MikeN says:

      Lighten up. Bill Simmons started a Top 72 movies list, and did all of about 5 movies before he quit.
      And that wasn’t even in order.

    • Listen. You guys think I’m attacking Yo Joe! I’m not. I love his writing and I think it’s fantastic. I’ve bought some of his books and read his blogs/NBC/Books, etc. In fact, I am an author myself. I know how hard it is to gain loyal readers. Which is why I kinda picked on Yo Joe! in the first place. See, those that read his blogs are already his loyal readers. (You guys) We seek and follow where he goes. We are not the ones he is trying to capture as followers.He has already captured us. That’s why I have a problem with Yo Joe! stopping the 100 list and continuing it in a book that you need to purchase. (Side note: I am a writer. I will never go to a library to read a book so I don’t have to buy it. That is an insult.) I view that top 100 list as a type of reward for being a loyal follower. You guys might think “Hey, he’s doing it for free, be happy.” and that’s fine. But I have higher expectations and I don’t apologize for that. I suspect Yo Joe! will agree with me but I’m not sure he’ll read all his posts to give his opinion.

  3. Anon says:

    I say you release the final 40 during the next off-season. I’m assuming this season isn’t going to change the list much if at all (we all love us some Trout & Kershaw & King Felix but they aren’t on the list and Prince Albert isn’t doing anything to change his position on the list) and we already have 41-100.

  4. Paul White says:

    You purposely avoided writing “gets to the heart of” in this post, didn’t you?

  5. James says:

    “Yo Joe! It is my opinion that we have reached the point in history where every dessert and sport have already been invented.”

    Not necessarily so. Tiramisu is a relatively new dessert. UFC is a pretty new sport.

    • Patrick Bohn says:

      Yeah, but Tiramisu is from what, the late 1960’s? Is 45 years ago really that recent that it negates Joe’s point that there’s nothing left to invent now?

    • Doug says:

      I’d argue that UFC is merely a new and distinct ruleset for the basic sport of “two guys beating the heck out of each other” which is probably the oldest sport there is. But I admit that I’m not a huge fan of the fight game generally.

    • DjangoZ says:

      My first thought was MMA and the UFC. I couldn’t have predicated that when I was a kid and now I’m a huge fan. It’s one of my two favorite sports.

      The only prediction we know will be wrong is that there will be no change and nothing new.

  6. Richard says:

    What about Zero-G sports?

  7. Paul Zummo says:

    Considering how even-tempered Joe’s writing always is, that paragraph on Goodell is about as scathing an indictment of Roger’s incompetence as you’ll ever read.

    • DB says:

      I am just amazed that I as a taxpayer have to subsidize Goodell’s $44M salary as the NFL (and all the other sports leagues) have the right to call themselves a non-profit. I have not done the research but I would assume that he is the highest paid employee of a non-profit in the country if not the world. Yep, let us be concerned with welfare fraud when sports (with me as an enabler as well) sucks so much money for so little in return.

      • Cliff Blau says:

        How are we subsidizing his salary? If the league were for-profit, it would be able to deduct his salary on its income tax return and then we’d be subsidizing the league. Since it is not-for-profit, his salary is irrelevant. Plus he has to pay tax on it.

    • DjangoZ says:

      I thought the same thing and I quite enjoyed it. I hope Joe is unfiltered more often.

  8. Bill Caffrey says:

    I did not take Joe to be saying that he’s not going to finish the Baseball 100 here, just that he’s not going to release the list without the essays, which he had toyed with doing as a time-saver. Notwithstanding the book, I would expect the list to resume here at some point after Joe is finished with his Tom Watson book.

    Incidentally, I feel like there have been far fewer mentions by Joe of the Watson book than of the Paterno book (before the scandal broke) when that was in the works and of the Reds book when he was writing that one. Just seems like he’s talking it up less here. Anyone else notice this?

    • Yeah, and Joe couldn’t help himself posting defenses for Paterno, for which he got routinely killed in the comments section. It was just too soon for polite debate. There is nothing vaguely controversial about Tom Watson, and if there is, it won’t come up in Joe’s book.

      • MikeN says:

        Nothing controversial about Watson? He revealed that golf is not a sport by almost winning at age 60. Name another sport where that happens.

        Frankly, Paterno was railroaded, and by Louis Freeh no less. The cops knows about Sandusky, because it was reported to them by Penn State, who were informed by Paterno. No charges were filed. Somehow this is Paterno’s fault.

  9. J. C. says:

    I’ve always enjoyed Joe’s writing, and likely would be one of the first to buy such a baseball book, as well as the Watson book. I just hate that hardcover comes out so long before paperback. (I’m not yet a Kindle person).

  10. Eric says:

    Count me on the side of being really annoyed that Joe got us addicted to the Top 100 list, and then cut it off mid-stream. My prediction is it will never be finished. Doesn’t take away my enjoyment from the rest of what Joe writes, but I resent the tease of his loyal readership. We all know we were checking every day to see if a new entry was up, and Joe shortchanged that writer-readership community relationship by quitting. Not about the money for a book for me — that book will probably never happen, or if it does be years down the road. Plus the essay style is really better suited to how Joe was doing it.

  11. Paul says:

    The NFL commissioner sounds a lot like our President.

  12. Dan Shea says:

    Chocolate molten cake: 1987-ish (depending on which chef you side with).

  13. Jonathan Laden says:

    New Sport: Quidditch–or Muggle Quidditch to discern it from the magic kind… (there are 300 teams playing in the U.S. alone). I’d love to see a competitive tournament based on Piers Anthony’s Phaze world books. It might not technically be a new sport, but it would be incredible to watch.

    About the desserts, I think we might need to look to technology. nanotech is creating new flavors and textures. 3d-printing is mostly about new shapes of chocolate or sugar confections:

    About commissioners: Is it possible to be worse, and more vile, than Bud Selig? That’s a disturbing thought. (MLB has spouse abuse problems through its history, in management as well as among the players. Bobby Cox et al. I’m sure they’re nervous as all get out right about now.)

  14. nickg says:

    I often eat sugary cereal and milk for dessert. I feel like that’s pretty new.

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