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Win Scoreboard, April 4

Opening Day 2.0 was actually a good day for the win. Seven starters pitched well enough to get the win. None of them pitched well enough to impress, say, Bob Gibson or Tom Seaver or Jack Morris or whatever — no starter pitched more than seven innings. But it is early in the season. And we’re in a different time.

And no reliever blew the game and got a win as a reward.

The pitcher who got jobbed: Noah Syndergaard. He threw six shutout innings before coming out with a blister. The Mets scored their runs after he left.

The running scoreboard:

Starters who pitch amazing: 0.

Starters who pitch well: 8.

Starters who pitch kind of lousy: 0.

Relievers in the right place, right time: 4.

Relievers who kind of stink: 2

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4 Responses to Win Scoreboard, April 4

  1. invitro says:

    I hope it’s OK if I advertise for a fantasy league again. The league now has 6 owners, and we need 4 more. I’d love for more Joe readers to join up! Here are its settings:
    – draft time: tonight (Tuesday), 9:45pm ET
    – it’s a snake draft (not an auction)
    – scoring is head-to-head, 10 categories, you play another team each week, and get a record from 10-0 to 0-10 depending on how you do in the categories.

    The league’s name is “Joe Posnanski’s Brilliant Readers”. The easiest way to look at the league and sign up is to just click this handy link:

    (The league previously had a password, so the first six owners in all came from my announcement in the previous article. But I’ve opened it to the public to make sure it fills up by tonight.)

    • Llarry says:

      I’m already in, and I’ll be there online for the draft. Since I’m out west, I might have to go autodraft for a couple of picks here or there as I’ll have just gotten home…

      • invitro says:

        Thanks for joining. Hope you don’t miss too many picks, or that your autopicks are OK if you do miss some. FWIW, the league is full now… looking forward to tonight, and if Trout is #1, and if anyone drafts Yadier Molina (he went #53 in one league I’m in!), and well many many other things.

  2. Jay says:

    Joe this is really boring stuff..Perhaps your most boringest.

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