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What it was, was football

“I says, friend, I don’t have a ticket, I don’t even know where it is that I’m a going.”

RIP Andy Griffith

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4 Responses to What it was, was football

  1. Mark says:

    But… but… but… he doesn’t say it in this clip!

  2. Stephen says:

    Got the news just as I crossed the NC state line on a scurry from DC to RDU. Got a full 20 minutes from the UNC NPR station before they moved on to a Kabbalah scholar.

    Which is appropriate ’cause my family in Alamance County treats The Andy Griffith Show as sacred text to quote & live by.

  3. Ima Ryma says:

    Few know that Andy Griffith ’twas
    A standup comedian first,
    Rousing a crowd with rural hee haws,
    Then into T.V. he did burst
    As the all good Mayberry man,
    In sit com done to tug the heart,
    Throughout the war torn sixties span.
    Andy was true – not just some part.
    Later, Andy returned to be
    Matlock, the lawyer, donned in gray,
    Outsmarting baddies on T.V.
    He gave his all in his own way.

    Andy Griffith – you’ll never cease.
    You live in reruns – rest in peace.

  4. Donald Ray says:

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