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We’re PosCasting Baseball

Do you want to spend an hour and a half listening to Michael Schur and me talk baseball?

Well, if you change your mind, here you go.

Here it’s on iTunes.

I think this is how you get it on Stitcher.

You can download it here directly.

Or if you just want to listen to it:

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14 Responses to We’re PosCasting Baseball

  1. winnipegdave says:

    Great PosCast. Man I love baseball. There were a few swings and misses on the draft but also some great picks: baseball caps, baseball cards, Vin Scully representing baseball on the radio and of course the best number one pick in any of the drafts ever – the baseball. Maybe it really was a tie!

  2. tomdegisi says:

    I think you both spent too much time warming up after subject changes.

  3. bl says:

    So, I think the focus on average length of game is misguided. The average length of an MLB game is virtually the same as the average length of an NFL game. And no one complains football games are too long and there’s literally 15 minutes in the middle of the game where nothing is happening. Average length of game is not the problem. The problem is that every NFL game lasts about the same amount of time. Whereas a baseball game can go anywhere from 2 1/2 hrs to 4 1/2 hrs. And that’s what people really don’t like, they hate it when the game goes longer than what they expect. The problem for MLB is that it doesn’t matter what you do to reduce the average length of game, there will always be those games that go exceptionally long and the length of game will always vary wildly. If the average game time got to 2 1/2 hrs, people would expect that, so they would be upset if a game then went 3 hrs.

    So, I really don’t think MLB should do anything about pace of play. Sure you can eliminate pitchers warming up, keep batters in the box and pitchers on the mound; but still there will be the occasional 4 hr game and people will still complain.

    • invitro says:

      This is an interesting point. But didn’t the big complaining start with a focus on Yankees and Red Sox games were regularly going (or seeming to go?) four hours?

      I don’t care at all how long a game takes, but I don’t go to games in person, so my opinion may not count. I do find a high number of pitching changes (four or more) annoying, and also batters leaving the box before every pitch.

      One counterpoint: no fan complains about basketball games going to overtime, ever. Maybe because basketball games are (I feel certain) much shorter than baseball or football games.

      People may not care about long football games compared to baseball games because football games are about ten times as rare (NFL vs MLB). But the last time I regularly attended football games, lots of people, including me, left in the 4th or even 3rd quarter because the game was taking so long.

  4. Weldon Dowd says:

    Is there a way to download this so I can play it in my car?

    • Scott says:

      Probably. Best guess would be to use Joe’s third link, that will be a file that you can play with almost any portable device. If you only have a CD player in the car, download the file to your computer and burn it to an audio CD, which will probably play in your car CD player. (If this doesn’t help, please provide more specifics about your situation.)

      • Weldon Dowd says:

        I just want to download it to my computer (assuming its an MP3) and load it on a flash drive. Where is the third link? Thanks for your help.

  5. Ethan says:

    I can’t figure out what I’m missing about the Red Sox. It would take some work to convince me that the Red Sox will have a winning season, and these guys are acting like they’re some kind of prohibitive favorite.

    • Jeff A. says:

      Disclaimer: I’m a BoSox fan.

      But to address your point: Have you seen the rest of the AL East? This is not the division it was in the early to mid 2000s.

      Also, they’ve basically improved in every category, with the exception being starting pitching – which may or may not have improved over last year. I happen to think they’re a deeper starting rotation, but it’ll take a few months to see if this is actually the case. Their farm depth is also continuing to develop better than almost every other MLB team, and definitely better than everyone else in the AL East.

  6. PS says:

    Great poscast, as usual. But can you hire a tech-savvy kid to upgrade the sound quality? This time the voice balance was way off (Schur much louder than you), made it very difficult to listen.

    You probably know this already, sorry for the nag.

    • DMS says:

      Agree on the two different volume feeds. I know remote dual podcasting is very very challenging. Maybe the guy skyping in just needs to get a bit closer to the mic, if that is the system you are using.

      Otherwise, Love this Podcast! Walking to work on my commute today and had a visible grin listening. Especially when you mentioned the Cory Schneider rookie card!

  7. jarbrewer says:

    The Hilton across the street from Petco Park has a 13th floor. It also has four different meeting rooms called ‘blue’.

  8. Ben Peters says:

    Soccer fields are actually not all the same size. The pitch can be from 100 to 130 yards long and 50 to 100 yards wide. At the higher levels, they’re pretty close to the same size, but they aren’t identical. The Seattle Sounders’ field is 6 yards longer than that of their rival Portland Timbers.

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