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Today is your birthday

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  1. invitro says:

    Why enter when someone’s already submitted:

    The list of players
    Shorter than Altuve is
    Just Eddie Gaedel

  2. Bryan says:

    Bert Blyleven started and pitched at least 5 innings in 308 games that didn’t go to extra innings that his team won, Bert got 279 wins or 90.6% of those games.
    The 29 non-wins:
    5 games allowing 5+ runs and 6-7 IP
    1 game allowing 4 runs and 5 IP
    8 games allowing 4 runs and 6-7 IP
    2 games allowing 4 runs and 8 IP
    3 games allowing 3 runs and 6-7 IP
    1 game allowing 2 runs and 5 IP
    5 games allowing 2 runs and 6-7.1 IP
    3 games allowing 1 run and 5, 6.1 and 7 IP
    1 game allowing 0 runs and 7 IP
    Getting credit for all 308 wins, his one relief win (5.2 IP and 3 runs in a 9 inning game), his 6 extra innings complete game wins and his only extra innings non-CG win (10 IP and 2 runs in an 11 inning game) for a total of 316 wins.
    There are also 39 extra innings games his team won but Blyleven did not get the win. Only one of those games did Bert not finish the 5th inning, 29 of those games he finished the 7th inning, 21 times the 8th inning, 11 times the 9th inning and twice the 10th inning.

  3. MikeN says:

    Joe, aren’t you going to comment on the new round of Jeteration, ownership version?

  4. Scott says:

    Going forward, I like the idea of Joe’s 5 inning rule, but we need to think very carefully about it. I like Bill’s point about how it would change historical numbers. Would Cy Young still have won 511 games? Would Early Wynn have labored to get his 300th? Would Denny McClain have won 31 in 1968? These statistics and records are part of baseball history and culture and we really can’t go back and change them to adhere to modern records.

    • invitro says:

      Sure we can go back and change them. We have before, and it’s a good thing that we did. I’m pretty sure Bill brought those guys up just to say that before making such a big change, we need to look at every single one of the games of a few big pitchers across baseball history, to see which of their games would have their status changed, and make sure the change is a good one in a preponderance of cases.

      • Scott says:

        What did Ted Williams hit in 1941? Everyone says .406, but that year, sacrifice flies didn’t exist and Williams hit six of them, raising his average to .411. When the rule was changed back, did we update his at bat totals and batting average?

        • invitro says:

          Are sac flies known for every player in 1941? I’d guess that when they are, bb-ref will incorporate them and change Williams’ average.

        • MikeN says:

          Foxx’s 58 HR year had several that were into netting and didn’t count, but would count now.

    • Bryan says:

      Career starters as opposed to Eckersley can pretty much only gain wins. The 5 inning rule is taking wins away from relievers and giving it to the starters. Anytime a starter gets an extra inning win it would be still be awarded to the starter once rules on those games are made but even dropping all extra innings wins, the starters who pitched 5+ innings and team won in regulation at least 300 times since 1913:
      Roger Clemens – 396 (354 starter wins including extra innings)
      Greg Maddux – 391 (355)
      Don Sutton – 364 (321)
      Warren Spahn – 361 (358)
      Steve Carlton – 355 (327)
      Tom Glavine – 354 (305)
      Nolan Ryan – 348 (318)
      Randy Johnson – 338 (301)
      Phil Niekro – 331 (302)
      Tom Seaver – 327 (310)
      Tommy John – 322 (284)
      Gaylord Perry – 313 (305)
      Bert Blyleven – 308 (286)
      Mike Mussina – 305 (270)
      Jamie Moyer – 303 (262)
      Pete Alexander leaves the 300 win club but would easily re-enter, he has 51 extra innings complete games since 1913 (career started in 1911) and has 32 wins, 15 losses and 4 ties in those games but only has 277 wins by the 5 inning, no extra innings parameters when you remove the first two years of his career.
      Of those 305 starter wins Perry had 226 complete games and Glavine had 50. More modern pitchers leave the game earlier and are more likely to not be awarded the win. Pete Alexander was only relieved 13 times in his 309 starter wins since 1913 when you include extra innings games, that’s a good way to make sure no one “steals” your win.
      Fundamentally do you think it’s a better reflection of what happened for Glavine to win 86.2% of his non-extra innings games (305 of 354) to reflect that on average he pitched 7 innings and about 1/3 of an extra out in those 354 games and for Perry to win 93.3% of his non-extra innings games (292 of 313) when on average he pitched 8 innings and a little more than 1 more out in those 313 games. Or for both players to win 100% of the games their team wins that don’t go to extra innings provided they complete the 5th inning?
      Information provided by Play Index

  5. Finally, I’ve made ‘brilliant reader’! Thanks, Joe!

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