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Three Links

Got a bunch of posts coming — it does seem like I have said that before — but for now did want to offer up a handful of links.

Also, threw an A-Rod poll up there to go along with the BR Hall of Fame voting (interesting results early on there). Would you vote him in the Hall of Fame?

The thing that baffles me about Ryan Braun is why he didn’t just shut up after he escaped punishment the last time. Then again, maybe that shouldn’t be baffling at all.

Tiger Woods has never come back on Sunday to win a major championship. Is that a small hole in his record? I think it is. Will he ever do it? Whew, Sunday was a good chance.

The Big Read: Another look at Tiger Woods, and what he might tell us about himself in his seemingly flavorless press conferences.

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7 Responses to Three Links

  1. cbthepoet says:

    “What would compel a man who almost certainly used steroids, freed from his fate by some lawyering and a point of order, to do a touchdown dance, spike the ball in the end zone, lecture about the process, borrow a few sentiments from Nelson Mandela (“Today is for anyone who has been wrongly accused and everyone who stood up for what’s right”) and hint about possible legal action.”

    I suppose the same thing that would compel someone who has been freed from his fate by lawyering to be charged with breaking and entering over some sports memorabilia and write a book called “If I Did It. :/

  2. Jamie says:

    Come on. Eddie Collins and Pete Alexander have to be in the BRHOF. Both with over 100 WAR. These are not borderline candidates.

    • With Alexander, I think the problem is two-fold. First, I don’t think he’s as well-known to casual fans the way the other turn of the century greats (Johnson, Matthewson, Young) are. And to those who do know of him, it’s often as “Grover Cleveland” Alexander, not as “Pete.” So I think a lot of people may just have no recognition of the name “Pete Alexander.”

      On the merits, he’s clearly a no-doubt HOFer.

  3. Mark Daniel says:

    Regarding Tiger Woods, he’s 37 and Phil Mickelson is 43. Mickelson just completed maybe the greatest victory of his career, one of the greatest comebacks in golf history. CBS Sports has a recent article asking “Is Phil Mickelson one of the 10 best golfers ever?”. Yahoo has one entitled: “Phil Mickelson’s legacy grows with stunning British Open victory.”
    Mickelson also has 2 major victories at ages older than Tiger’s current age. Yet it seems a lot of people are writing as if Tiger’s career is more or less done. Maybe it is, I don’t know. But it won’t take much for it to be resurrected. Just look at Mickelson. Moreover, the CBS article states about Mickelson, “he’s in the mix as one of the 10 greatest golfers ever and, hey, he’s not done yet.”

    • Ian R. says:

      Mickelson was older when he won his first major than Tiger was when he won his last (so far). I’m not sure it’s a question of absolute age – Lefty hit his stride later in his career.

  4. Gene Claude says:

    Isn’t it also possible that Ryan Braun was guilty of some minor PED infraction and that the testing process about which he vociferously protested was responsible for him testing so absurdly high? That hypothesis (which seems to be filtering its way into the press) would explain his anger/antics, but also his most recent “acceptance” of punishment. I imagine anyone would be very angry if, for instance, they tried pot a couple times, got drug tested, and a report was leaked that they tested higher for THC than anyone in the history of weed testing. But they couldn’t very well say “hey! I just had one hit at a party!”

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