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This is NBC’s SportsWorld

Well, I may have mentioned that there are some big things going on over at NBC. Today we launched SportsWorld. I could go into depth about what SportsWorld is, why I think it’s cool, where it’s going, but I hope it is obvious if you go over there.

I wrote in-depth on Ned Yost.

I wrote in-depth on Dale Earnhardt Jr.

I wrote in depth on a remarkable little British soccer town called Burnley.

And so on. SportsWorld is going to be a place for in those depth stories and video documentaries. People will compare it to Grantland and Sports On Earth and SB Nation’s Longform and so on, and that’s good because those are fantastic places with amazing work. I hope we’ll carve out or own little spot that is different.

This is something I’ve been talking about with my friend and boss Rick Cordella for a long time, before I even started at NBC. This is his vision. His feeling is that when you have the storytelling history of NBC, and the storytelling capabilities of NBC Sports and the Golf Channel (check out the Arnie documentary) and NBC Olympics along with really wonderful writers like my pal Ray Ratto (who would never admit to being my pal), you have a chance to build something pretty unique and special. That was the vision that inspired me to come to NBC almost two years ago, so this is a very exciting day.

Anyway, enough marketing. This is SportsWorld. Hope you’ll love it. And if you are my age or older, click on the old YouTube video and listen to the music of the original SportsWorld. It might bring back a few memories.

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14 Responses to This is NBC’s SportsWorld

  1. Mikey says:

    Great company, great properties, great history. Congrats and good luck.

  2. Good luck with the new site! Hoping for differentiated RSS feeds in the future – people don’t seem to realize that the audience for words is different from the market for video/podcasts/etc… Time will tell. A JoePoz feed would be nice too, of course 😉

  3. Paul Gallagher says:

    Joe – first class article about Burnley FC. Top journalism, you hit the right tone and just a good read. Hey you might be able to make a living. Form this gig. Welcome to take a cold one anytime at a football ground this side of the pond at your request. Paul

  4. graham davis says:

    Great Burnley article – but it is Forest, not Forrest for Nottingham; Championship (or Championship league), not Championship League. And you cannot mention Ian Britton without mentioning his hair, for that too is the law.

    And congratulations to the Royals.

  5. blingslade says:

    Joe, did Sportsworld borrow the same trumpeters from Alcoa Fantastic Finishes?

  6. whatacrocker says:

    Garbage. Total, total, total garbage. Apparently, Posnanski’s huge ego demanded that he have his own version of Grantland.

  7. John Leavy says:

    Since I objected when your last piece on the Royals didn’t even mention Ned Yost, I have to step up now and say you did a great job in your lengthier essay on Yost for Sportsworld.

    As I said earlier, I never expected you to change your mind about Yost as a strategist, nor did I expect you to do a 180 and declare him the warmest, sweetest, cuddliest guy on the planet. Many of your criticisms of Yost had merit, and still do. If he’s a prickly cuss and a sub-par strategist, he doesn’t automatically become a sweetheart and a genius just because the team won the pennant.

    But considering that the Royals hadn’t been to the World Series in nearly 30 years, I thought he deserved at least a LITTLE more respect and a LITTLE more consideration than you’ve given him.

    I can’t say that any longer- nice job, Joe

  8. Jim says:

    What’s your angle? You read for free–we appreciate Joe, if you don’t, go somewhere else!!

    • John Leavy says:

      If you mean me, my “angle” is exactly what it appears to be in my post. I thought that in his earlier piece about the hapless Royals making the playoffs,, he was wrong not even to MENTION Ned Yost.

      Joe has long indicated that he regards Yost as a poor manager who makes bad decisions. Joe isn’t completely wrong to think so. Yost HAS made a lot of questionable decisions.Joe has also indicated that Yost is needlessly surly and seems to lose his cool too often. MAYBE Joe is right about that- I’ve never had to deal with Yost, so I can’t say first-hand.

      But in spite of all his flaws, real or perceived, the Royals succeeded, and I thought it was petty of Joe not to give Ned Yost at least a SMALL hat tip for accomplishing something no other ROyals manager has done in an eternity.

      Joe now HAS written a very fair piece on Ned Yost- not an apology, not a puff piece, not a paeon to Yost, but a very fair piece. A piece that doesn’t avoid Yost’s faults, but gives him a little credit for his gifts and his accomplishments.

      Joe hasn’t changed his tune, and I never expected him to. Yost’s faults and mistakes are a matter of record, and they don’t vanish just because his team is winning. But Joe has now given the devil his due. And I appreciate that.

  9. Rudy Gamble says:

    Good luck Joe. Surprised to see NBC Sportsworld doesn’t accept user comments a la Grantland vs Sports on Earth. How come?

  10. BillyF says:

    Dear Joe: I really loved your writings back in your KC days. Those were earnest, full-out evaluation of all things considered (thunder from NPR).

    Now, under a national syndication, you lost some touch. The little things that brought me joy as sports fan is separated between “your group,” the professionals, the journalistico, and us group, the average Joe who wanted an opinion heard or discussed (paraphrased Rob Neyer).

    So long. So good.

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