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The Warriors King

From NBC SportsWorld:

It has been a remarkable career with a million highs. But I think Game 6 against Golden State was the crescendo of LeBron James’ career.

The Warriors King

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  1. jpg says:

    In my 30+ years of watching basketball, that was the most brilliant and thoroughly dominant single-game performance I’ve ever seen. I was in awe last night. He just roundly destroyed Golden State on both ends of the floor in a way that no other player, past or present, could have.

  2. Chris H says:

    Regarding Ayesha’s Tweltdown: Joe, you wrote once about soccer that there is a general understanding that there’s about an even number of bad calls that go for you and against you (maybe even that the refs will even things out from time to time – I should go back and re-read it). I think more or less that the NBA works that way – there are so many fouls and quasi-fouls and could-go-either-way fouls, within fluid action, that it has to work that way. (Unless it becomes football and stops play every ten seconds. Which it sometimes seems to do, to be honest.) A huge part of the job of refereeing NBA games has to be to stop thinking and stay in the moment.

    But there is something in the American psyche that resists that – you may have written this as well, Joe – and so fans and apparently spouses, judging with a thumb on the scale, see conspiracy everywhere. I’ve thought it. I think this affects players too, and a huge part of the job of players has to be to stop thinking and stay in the moment.

    What’s interesting is, LeBron is, if not the biggest whiner in the game, at least the most visible. Golden State was right about that. But it might be deeper than him chiseling the refs. It might be that complaining is his way of getting a bad call out of his head. It might be that he uses the emotion of feeling aggrieved to drive himself harder, like he’s fighting not only the relative gnats on the court but the system as well. Or it might be that he’s perfectly happy to be a whiner if it irritates the other team, gets them thinking and talking about him or the biased refs instead of their own beautiful game, gets them off balance enough that they aren’t concentrating on their defensive rotations quite as much as they need to be. Steph has spent some amount of his psychic energy the last 24 hours figuring out what he’s going to say about his wife, and that seems unlikely to help his game.

    (She was probably telling the truth about the cops, FWIW.)

  3. MikeN says:

    One warning sign, Cleveland fans: that postgame interview with Craig Sager. I think the weight of the moment is going to drag down LeBron, winning for Cleveland, just as he wilted under pressure against the Mavericks.

    • Spencer says:

      Yah he really wilted in game 6, which was an elimination game.


      • MikeN says:

        This is a new thing. The Sager interview happened after the game, asks about winning for Cleveland in 50 years, and he gives this look…

        • Dan says:

          I thought that interview with Sager was very curious also. It sounded as if he was preparing mentally for failure. But then, you have to think that his mindset was pretty much the same entering Game 6 as well, and look where that got him. He’s a transcendent player and a complicated guy. One thing, I don’t think it’s fair to say he wilts under pressure. He’s had far more successes than failures in the playoffs, from dragging his early Cavs teams to the finals, beating Boston, winning in Miami, and the masterpiece he’s turned in this year.

          • MikeN says:

            He got to the finals by winning a weak conference. Nearly beat the overrated Celtics by himself. After that 3 straight years of losing to weaker teams. Up 2-1 over Dallas and his teammates were saying Bring it home, LeBron, and he was biting his nails on the bench.
            2012 Game 6 was a turning point, where Garnett was just bullying him nonstop(no one ever writes about KG’s behavior), and he finally broke through.
            I just think this is new pressure about winning for Cleveland that will bring back the Old LeBron.

          • Dan says:

            Well, I’m glad to see him turn in another great game.


    • Steve Buffum says:

      I hope to wilt under pressure like LeBron James.

  4. KHAZAD says:

    Despite the lopsidedness of the games, the two teams have scored the exact same amount of points in the first six games. Game 7 will break that tie.

    I must admit, I thought the Warriors would handle Cleveland easily. Now we have an exciting game 7, and Lebron’s performance is the reason that is happening.

    • MikeN says:

      Green suspended, then Bogut injured.
      Many times these minor injuries can swing finals.
      Cedric Ceballos, Karl Malone, James Worthy, Kendrick Perkins…

  5. Johnny C says:

    Mr. Posnanski – you can scribe – excellent article. LeBron’s greatness is often taken for granted.

  6. A.B. says:

    Cleveland wins! Cleveland wins! Cleveland wins!
    Thank you Captain James.

    • Marc Schneider says:

      But it won’t stop people from finding a way to knock LeBron. Let’s see-he was only 9-24 from the field. Didn’t come through. Warriors were affected by the suspension. Games were rigged by the NBA to get LeBron a title. And, so what, he still lost those previous titles. Anything else?

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