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The Tag King


Javy Baez is the greatest tagger in the history of baseball. This is quite an achievement for a 24-year-old baseball player, but it’s obviously true for one simple reason: Nobody even knew that was a thing before he came along.

Clicking on the story will also lead you to video of Baez’s greatest tags.





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4 Responses to The Tag King

  1. Rower41 says:

    Great story. The creativity behind identifying the “greatest tagger ever” adds to my interest in the sport and hopefully becomes a “thing’ this season. He certainly makes it look easy.

  2. Dan says:

    I hate to be a killjoy, but some of this is just showboating. Geez, he almost missed the tag on Cruz (looks to me like he barely grazed the inside of his knee/thigh, when he coulda/shoulda slapped the tag on the top or outside of his leg), and on Lindor. I respect the athleticism and cockiness, but on some of these plays he’s introducing an unnecessary element of risk.

    I think that tagging maybe *is* like parking – not that there are limits to how great you can be at it – but that there’s no point (apart from pride and esthetics), and significant potential downside, to pushing those boundaries. What’s better: a hundred mediocre tags, or 99 really cool tags and one botch?

    • Kevin Fitzgerald says:

      Forget going all Goose Gossage, I’m going all Ty Cobb on this. Keep that up and you’ll be needing a dozen stitches or more. I am surprised Joe would think showboating on a fundamental play deserves meritorious mention. What’s next? A no-look bunt?

  3. vtmike says:

    Joe, you missed the best one. Here is a highlight reel:

    At the 49 second mark, he leaps left, catches the ball, swipes downward behind his back, and nails the runner right on his keister milliseconds before he reaches the base. Most guys would be happy just to keep that ball out of centerfield. Unbelievable.

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