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The Royals still aren’t hitting home runs

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  1. highnotefan says:

    Doh. Sac flys require someone to NOT make an out. Clueless.

  2. KHAZAD says:

    Something fun is that Dayton Moore gave an interview last week where he said “It is very simple why we are not winning as much as we should be/ We are getting plenty of baserunners but not driving them in.” and then later “What has held us back has been the inability to produce runs with runners in scoring position.” He spent alot of the interview talking about situational hitting, and avoiding the power topic.

    Unfortunately, Moore has no idea what he is watching. The Royals are 13th (out of 15) in the AL in OBP. They are last in isolated power. The problem, besides the power, is the fact that they DON’T have plenty of baserunners, and they don’t have any power. Despite the lack of opportunities, they are just fine in situational hitting- when they actually have a situation. Per Baseball Reference, the Royals are 4th in the league in percentage of baserunners that score. They are third in the league in scoring runners from third with less than 2 out. They are first in the league in advancing runners from second with no one out, and third in “productive outs.”

    Of course, about one third of runs (32.6%) scored are scored directly on home runs (league wide), and the Royals are (even after hitting two home runs on Sunday) hitting .47 less home runs per game than the average AL team, (over 3/4ths of a run per game) and somehow scoring only .42 runs less than average per game per game, even with a very low on base percentage. It is really kind of amazing that they have scored the amount of runs that they have.

    Any way you measure it, the Royals have been a very good to excellent situational hitting team, despite what Moore sees. They are good at what he thinks they suck at, and they are awful at what he thinks they are good at, and they are not even at a major league level at doing the thing which scores one third of all runs in baseball games.

    Moore’s complete lack of understanding as to how run scoring works, and what parts of the offensive game need to improve make it no surprise that a team he built struggles to score runs.

    • KHAZAD says:

      Also, as far as percentage of baserunners that are left on base, the Royals have the 2nd best (lowest) percentage of their runners who actually reach base who are left on base. We are very good at driving runners in- when we get them.

  3. Brian says:

    Joe, can you follow this all season? KC is up to a whopping 20 HR now, I think if possible this is even worse than it was. Can you provide updates to this blog entry?

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