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The Return of Dallas


Talking Dallas Keuchel, Eric Thames and the dreaded “S word” and this week’s PANCON rankings on the Joe Peppy Tone Baseball Roundup today.*

*I apologize for not getting links out the last few days. Hoping you’re getting over the Medium site and maybe even clicking the follow button.

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  2. invitro says:

    That Medium site has the worst comments system ever.

  3. invitro says:

    Rob Smith has a comment on Thames over at Medium: “How many times has someone come out of the blue and hit 7–10 HRs in April, and ended up hitting 15 for the year, or ended up in the minors?” Well, Thames doesn’t have 7, or even 10 HRs, he has 11. And though I’d love to know the answer, I bet the number of players who had 11 HRs in April, but ended up with 15 or less is zero, or maybe one or two guys who got injured. (I looked at the Play Index, but could only look at 10 guys since I’m not a paid subscriber… of course none of them came close to 15 HRs for the year. The least was Nettles with 22, after having 11 in April.)

    • Bryan says:

      Fewest career HR for a player who hit 10+ HR by April 30th in any season, note that this restricts the list to relatively recent players as a mid-April start to the season makes it really hard to accomplish the feat.
      32 – Eric Thames – 2017, currently 11
      32 – Trevor Story – 2016, finished with 27 in 97 games
      37 – Chris Shelton – 2006, finished with 16 in 116 games
      91 – Jose Abreu – 2014, finished with 36 in 145 games
      118 – Nolan Arenado – 2016, finished with 41 in 160 games
      162 – Jonny Gomes – 2006, finished with 20 in 117 games
      210 – Brady Anderson – 1996, finished with 50 in 149 games
      Brady Anderson and Chris Shelton are two of the Top 5 for most PA per HR career among the 46 players with 10+ HR by April 30th, the rest of the Top 5 are:
      250 – Chase Utley – 2008, finished with 33 in 159 games
      354 – Luis Gonzalez – 2001, finished with 57 in 162 games
      379 – Tony Perez – 1970, finished with 40 in 158 games
      Perez’s Reds played 22 games by April 30th in 1970, Thames’ Brewers will play 26 although Thames will play in at most 24 of those games.
      Shelton hit 512/535/1293 in his first 10 games in 2006 with 7 HR.
      Rest of April in 15 games hit 176/311/373 with 3 HR.
      Rest of year in 90 games hit 256/318/363 with 6 HR.

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