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The PosCast: In Our Day …

Michael and I draft stuff that used to be a lot better back in the old days. We did not draft Albert Pujols, but he could have.

Stitcher (Love these guys at Stitcher — thinking of making it the official home of the PosCast, but I wouldn’t even know how to do that).



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10 Responses to The PosCast: In Our Day …

  1. James says:

    Bond movies. They were always the best when you were 12. I always heard how great the Sean Connery films were, but I do not understand the love. They are very uneven and the movies always fall apart with the “high tech”.

  2. invitro says:

    Well, current culture is so abysmal that almost everything was better twenty or more years ago. It’s easier to pick a few things that as good now as they ever have been, and I’ll try:

    – the NBA, with a variety of top teams rather than the boring glamour teams dominating everything.
    – computer games.
    – the ease of getting books, music, movies, etc for free, thank you Internet!
    – umpires’ accuracy in baseball.

    • Mike123 says:

      It is annoying that the traditional powerhouses in Oakland, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, and Cleveland are dominating the NBA. I feel for the little guys in NY and LA.

  3. Brian says:

    Joe, sad as it is to say, your commentary of baseball isn’t too far off from what Steve Lyons was saying in the Red Sox booth the other day. He actually claimed that the new sliding rule and the Buster Posey rule make the game worse because the players want the contact. The players like being put in danger, makes them stay alert and play better. It was such utter nonsense. Anyway, Steve Lyons is the worst.

  4. Ross says:

    When talking travel, you forgot to mention how awesome it was when you could smoke on planes. That relates to 2 of y’all’s picks.

    If this French Open is any sign of thngs to come, pretty soon we’re going to be able to say men’s tennis used to be better.

  5. Pat says:

    MAN do I hear you on the lousy directions people give. When I lived in Manhattan and visited Brooklyn, I would estimate… oh, 119% of the time, my Brooklyn friends would tell me “just go down the street.” At least half the time, and perhaps as much as three-halves the time, they would say this at an intersection, where there was not just two but four possible directions “down” could be.

  6. Reagan says:

    Stitcher is bad for podcasting as a platform.

    Feel free to conduct an Internet search for reasons.

  7. Kendell Kroeker says:

    Things that really were better back in the old days:
    1 – Money. Pre-1964 coins were 90% silver. Definitely better than today.
    2 – My birthdays. I don’t want to get older, when I was a kid I did. My birthdays were definitely better years ago.
    3 – Baseball cards. Joe got this one completely right. When I was a kid baseball cards were simple, cheap, and fun. Now there are way too many to keep track of and they are so expensive that they are not really for kids anymore.
    4 – Saturday morning cartoons. My kids don’t even know what Saturday morning cartoons are. Granted they have infinitely more choices for watching cartoons than I did when I was a kid…
    5 – Youth sports. Parents have ruined this by taking them way too seriously.

  8. Brian says:

    Listening to this reminded me of Art Coulter, captain of the 1940 New York Rangers, who could just as easily have been invented by Michael Schur.

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