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The PosCast Episode 9 — Pie Fight

It goes without saying that the PosCasts are pointless. But I’m pretty sure Michael Schur and I topped ourselves this week. We talk vaguely about the Royals (I mistakenly say that Lorenzo Cain had three homers when he had five) and offense being down and the designated hitter.

Then we draft fruit.

I think I can say, without fear of disagreement, that it’s our most personal and controversial draft yet.

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20 Responses to The PosCast Episode 9 — Pie Fight

  1. David says:

    This is the first time I have not made it to the end of a Podcast. I don’t enjoy fruit at. All. There are like three fruits that I like. I just couldn’t listen. And blueberries are the WORST, so Joe wins the draft.

    Fruit. Tech.

  2. Jeff PST says:

    I’m worried about my ability to continue to follow Michael Schur on Twitter if you ever draft a food again. Always enjoy the cast, this was indeed a classic.

  3. Damon Rutherford says:

    I believe this is Poscast #10.

  4. rrdevine says:

    Certainly entertaining. But it’s bizarre that three separate berries were drafted, and bananas were not. Bananas are also the best fruit to eat when overripe. Although I’m pretty sure I know what Schur’s opinion on banana bread would be.

  5. Michael Shur wins the fruit draft hands down simply because of Poz’s poor first choice of the apple. The only good apples are caramel apples — and that’s mostly because the caramel tastes good. Michael’s also right that most fruit pies are bad and apple pie is the worst.

    Poz got points back for cherries and strawberries, but Michael’s picks of the blueberry, watermelon, and plum were terrific. (By the way, try plum wine — commonly found at Japanese food stores. It’s amazing).

  6. bananas were clearly left on the board, as were oranges.

    I love a good watermelon, and watermelon is even in my top 5, but you can’t complain about a mushy/mealy apple and then turn around and take watermelon. A mushy mealy watermelon is the worst! and the mushy/mealy to ripe ratio is way higher for watermelon than for apples.

  7. winnipegdave says:

    One point for Pos: chocolate and fruit is amazing.
    One point for Schur: hot fruit is not the way nature drew up the fruit game plan.
    This one was close put Schur’s rant on the cherry actual steals the draft away from Pos. And I like cherries.
    Bonus: this draft reminded me of Kramer going off on Jerry’s fruit choices on Seinfeld. Basically this was a Larry David draft.

  8. Cuban X Senators says:

    Pos could have drafted the sacred, lost, ambrosial fruit of the ancient world that only he has a tree of and still lost this draft by just mentioning (mentioning!) fruit cocktail as anything desirable.

    Fruit cocktail? Seriously? The only thing more catastrophic would have been bringing those “fruity bits of goodness in fruitcake.”

    Marichino cherries? Retch! Are those soaked in embalming fluid?

    But I do think that it comes down to Pos being at an insurmountable disadvantage by having not lived in California. Pos’ selections were all things that travel well in boxes & last a long time – apples, grapes, cherries, even peaches. Schur’s selections were delicate & ephemeral, great when you are at/near the source, but ruined or diminished if they need to travel.

    When I lost the reasons to live in California, the fruits are #1 on the list. Seriously. Co-workers seem to be constantly bringing in bags of Meyer lemons or figs that are falling off their trees & they can’t eat fast enough. And then what’s in the stores & markets are spectacular and seem to have three times the season I could find them in on the east coast.

  9. DB says:

    This is the first draft that I am disappointed by both drafts. What happened to international fruits: mango, asian pear or kiwi (even though I hate it, the coconut). Taking a gamble on a quasi-fruit in the late rounds: tomato, avocado or olives. Or forgetting our acidic citrus fruits such as lemons and limes. Worried about these guys, at least Joe added the pineapple, the king of fruits.

  10. bravesword says:

    Bananas and citrus were criminally underdrafted.

  11. bl says:

    I have to say neither of you won this draft. It was an abomination. How can the two best fruits not get picked. I’m talking about Tomatoes and Peppers. Joe kept talking about versatility, what’s more versatile than a tomato? And peppers, with the huge variety of types, need no further explanation. Freaking raspberries and apples? This might be first time the draft has disappointed me.

    Still, really enjoyed it all. Keep up the excellent work.

  12. cbutcher1547 says:

    Fruit is such a great thing to draft, simply because there are countless great fruits that you cannot possibly argue against being a top-5 fruit.

    My top 5:

    1. Oranges
    2. Apples
    3. Grapes
    4. Watermelon
    5. Pineapple

    And this list leaves out such great fruits that I love. The strawberry, the mango, the banana, the pear, the cantaloupe, the list goes on and on and on.

    And I had no idea people didnt like apple pie, I thought it was universally agreed upon that apple pie was the best desert ever.

  13. DaveB says:

    yeah this one was a mess. Grape Pie is most certainly a thing. It takes work but it’s real. And, I live in VT and we have two kinds of blueberries so I don’t know what the “well, out in Cali” thing was. Some are small, and some are large. Joe is a fantastic sportswriter when he can do his research, but his general knowledge is sorely lacking any time he tries to riff on stuff. he should play straight man to Schur instead of trying to compete.

    And, since nobody asked:

    Grapefruit (if we’re talking about “how good are the best ones?”)

  14. Best draft ever.

    I don’t even agree with Schur’s feelings about fruit pies, and yet I still loved listening to it. And he is completely right about chocolate-covered strawberries and maraschino cherries–those are two of the worst things in the world. Chocolate-covered strawberries are a great waste of both chocolate and strawberries, two excellent foods.

    I’m also very pleasantly surprised neither drafted bananas. Bananas are among the worst foods on the planet.

  15. Mike says:

    Agree with bl – could’ve won the draft with one pick: TOMATO. Chili, gravy, salads, ketchup (if that’s your thing. And yes, I know there’s virtually no ACTUAL tomato in ketchup) and… And don’t give me that pineapple on pizza nonsense.

  16. Get off my lawn says:

    I think you tomato and peppers people would be no fun at parties. Worst kind of propeller-heads.

    • Mike says:

      Ill be the guy with the vat of chili and loaded nachos. You bring a bunch of grapes and some honeydew chunks and we’ll see what goes over better. 😉

  17. Mike says:

    And if you try to use the grapes/wine thing in a party setting – Mitch Hedberg said it all when he came across a wino eating grapes: “Dude. You have to WAIT.”

  18. kentpdc says:

    Berries are not fruits.

    I thought about a way to be gentle about it, maybe with a segway about how much I enjoy your poscasts (they make my month, honestly). But in the end it seems best to just rip the band-aid off quickly.

    Because of this, both drafts are Jets-drafts. And that’s awesome.

  19. Frog says:

    Finally got to listen. If you are going to chocolate cover your fruit it has to be really dark chocolate – otherwise don’t do it. Would I be wrong to say that this draft was by 2 middle aged white guys? They were such white bread fruits. But fun, good work.

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