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The PosCast Episode 13 — Emotions

Big PosCast this week. I try to sneak in a plug for my new book “The Secret of Golf.” Michael talks endlessly about this controversy — you might have heard something about it — in the New England area about footballs and air pressure or something. Someone ought to come up with a clever name for that thing. And then, in honor of Pixar’s wonderful new “Inside Out” we draft emotions. Spoiler: I win.

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14 Responses to The PosCast Episode 13 — Emotions

  1. dlf9 says:

    Can someone link to the star wars draft poscast?

  2. Gave the book to my Dad for Fathers Day. He loves it! If he didn’t, it would sit in one of his many piles unread.

  3. John R says:

    Pretty shocked that nobody drafted love.

    • Trent Phloog says:

      Seriously guys, how does LOVE go undrafted? Love is the Willie Mays of emotions. Both of your scouting directors should be fired.

      Also undrafted were future hall-of-famers Lust, Awe, and Fear (which is needed for Courage to exist… just sayin).

    • Neil says:

      I was screaming at my phone in disbelief that no one picked love. Love is the hands down, runaway #1 no question. Happiness is fickle and nebulous.

  4. Pat says:

    dlf9, the Star Wars podcast can be found here:

    It’s a very long podcast; the draft starts at about 1:15:00. (Via.)

  5. DB says:

    Getting both Han and Vader makes it unbalanced. After that it was more balanced even though Chewbacca and Boba-Fett mean that Michael probable got at least 4 out of first 6 plus the first 2. It was a sure win for Michael.

  6. Bill Caffrey says:

    Only Joe and Ken Tremendous could do a draft of emotions where at least 40% of the draft choices are not, in fact emotions. Courage = not an emotion; kindness = not an emotion; curiosity = not an emotion; D’Angelo Russell = not an emotion. They are all wonderful things, but the first three are traits, and the fourth is a basketball player. And wonder is debatable as an emotion.

    • Dave Smith says:

      I disagree. I have felt curiosity, courageousness and kindness. I have certainly not felt D’Angelo Russell or even D’Angelo Russellish. (I actually have no idea who he is so it’s possible I have felt that way.)

      • dfj79 says:

        I think of kindness as something you do, not something you feel. Kindness is motivated by emotions such as love and empathy, but is not itself an emotion. Kindness is the way those emotions manifest themselves in action.

        As for curiosity, while it’s something you feel, it’s not necessarily emotional–curiosity can be completely detached and intellectual, not emotional at all. I think wonder, which Michael also drafted, is the emotional manifestation of curiosity. Those were redundant picks; he should have just gone with wonder.

  7. dfj79 says:

    Negative emotions were obviously underrepresented here, and understandably so, this being a lighthearted podcast and all. But I think Despair and Regret absolutely needed to be drafted.

    As for a positive emotion that went undrafted: how about Nostalgia?

    • ksbeck76 says:

      Maybe I’m just bitter and cynical, but I’ve never thought of nostalgia as a positive emotion.

      What a strange conversation this is a for what is nominally a sports blog.

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