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The PosCast Episode 11 — Fear Itself

A new PosCast theme song by Michael Bogdanow! Michael begins the longest Poscast in a while by somewhat sheepishly relishing yet another Boston championship. Joe and Michael faux argue about Pete Carroll’s final call in the Super Bowl. Then they draft fears and discuss whether they would go to actor Chris Pratt or Nick Offerman if there was a global pandemic.

Check out this episode!

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4 Responses to The PosCast Episode 11 — Fear Itself

  1. David says:

    Joe, your rant on ventriloquism is right up there with Mike’s rant on pie. So irrational; so awesome.

    Mike, you requested #13 in Little League. How did your baseball career work out? #QED

    Great draft; great Poscast. I loved it.

    Also, as a Packers fan, I REALLY enjoyed watching the Seahawks get their hearts broken. I love Russell Wilson, but… well, it was pretty great. To watch them lose in a stupefying fashion right after they did the same thing to MY guys? I was satisfied.

    • DB says:

      Other countries have irrational fear of numbers. Koreans are scared of the number 4. Number 4 has worked out pretty well for baseball. While number 13 was pretty good to Marino (other than the Superbowl) and Don Maynard.

      Number 13 might not have worked in little league for Michael but definitely worked out better for us as the last episode of 99 was great. Who knows he could have been a low level A player and never become the great writer/producer he is. Bonus for me.

  2. DJ MC says:

    There’s only one thing to say about the fear of the number 13:

    Also, I too have a fear of someone being in the backseat.

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