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The Poscast Ep. 3 – The Ultimate Sports Draft

Joe and Michael talk about how many knives it takes to make a great peanut butter and jelly sandwich, faux argue about offense and defense in football and then have what is unquestionably the ultimate sports draft.

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16 Responses to The Poscast Ep. 3 – The Ultimate Sports Draft

  1. Nick says:

    Yay! You always are self-deprecating about the poscast, but I’m always excited when I see a new one!

  2. Karl says:

    What’s so hilarious about Serbia being the fifth ranked nation in team handball? Serbia’s a pretty great sports nation for its size, strong in both soccer and basketball and with a superstar in Djokovic. Does Lithuania being fourth on the FIBA rankings make a mockery out of basketball? Does Cuba winning the World Baseball Classic show what a fringe sport baseball is?

    • Jason N. says:

      Why do I get the feeling Karl’s last name has a very high consonant to vowel ratio…?

    • Spencer says:

      Karl reminds me of the guy on the subway with Kramer and Newman who freaks out about their game of risk…

      Kramer (JoePo): The Ukraine? You know what the Ukraine is, it’s a sitting duck. A road apple, Newman. The Ukraine is weak. It’s feeble. I think it’s time to put the hurt on the Ukraine…

      Passenger (Karl): I come from Ukraine; you not say Ukraine weak!
      Kramer (JoePo): Yeah, well, we’re playing a game here, pal.
      Ukrainian passenger (Karl): Ukraine is game to you?!

  3. Michael B says:

    Love the Poscasts, and look forward to each one. Here’s an interesting question that your draft brought up for me, along with the alien thing.
    Situation: an alien has come to you with a choice. The earth has too many sports to be productive, and so most of them must be eliminated. You get to pick 5 sports. All the rest get erased from existence completely as sports/contests (so, for example, people would still be able to swim, but it would not be a sport)
    What 5 sports would you pick? What sports would you be happy to see vanish?
    I’d pick
    1. Baseball
    2. Soccer
    3. Volleyball
    4. Basketball
    5. and for my 5th I’ll throw in Elephant Polo, just for kicks. Because its a sport done from the back of an Elephant.

    and I think I’d be happy to see Football vanish. I actually love football, love watching it, love fantasy football. But I think, that if I was to completely forget its existence, not know anything about it, have it just disappear from our lives, I don’t know that we would be lessened by it. And I think it would probably benefit us, what with all the injury concerns and all that. Not completely sure on this, but it’s an interesting thought problem

  4. Guest says:

    Wrong. If you look at the modern defensive metrics, Michael (“Michelle”) Schur is the most overrated defensive television personality of his, or any, era.

  5. Joe,

    I don’t think you’re familiar with Rugby Union, but you really should watch this Test Match between South Africa and New Zealand from early October. It is the most amazing thing you can possibly see (and would surely leapfrog a bunch of other sports on your list):

  6. Jake says:

    Love the Pozcast and the discussions. While I do agree that a high scoring football game is far more exciting than a punt-fest, I personally think the best baseball games are low scoring pitching contests. Obviously the score would have to be close…

    Here during HOF debate time, we often talk about the Jack Morris game and how memorable it was.

    We celebrate the no-hitter, the perfect game – these contests go down in the record books.

    Think back to all the times we’ve looked forward to great pitching matchups over previous season. The excitement of that type of matchup can only be attributed to the hopes it would be a low scoring display of pitching excellence.

    Again, personally I’d rather see a starting pitcher go 8-9 innings of dominance than have a game which features plenty of runs and many pitchers of mediocrity.

    • Scooter says:

      I’m not sure whether this is right, but it occurs to me that you can have virtuoso defenders in baseball, and offensive players in football, but not so much the other way around. That is, there’s no linebacker of whom you’d say, “It’s just a joy to watch him play.” And you’re much more likely to say that of a pitcher or great fielder than a batter. If I’m on the right track here, that might be why high-scoring football games and low-scoring baseball games tend to be exciting.

      I could also be dead wrong. This idea just hit me during the Poscast, and I haven’t really chewed on it yet.

  7. James Smyth says:

    Here’s the “Who Do You Think You Are I Am” video mentioned in the bowling discussion

  8. Doug says:

    Literally listened to the second half of this podcast just to see if Mike Schur would draft cricket with one of his picks. Thanks for picking me up, Mike!

    I am totally fascinated with cricket, as a baseball fan. It’s such a similar game to baseball in so many ways, in its basic concept and in its fundamental appeal – like, it really seems to me that even though the games are different, the fundamental reasons why someone would like baseball and the reasons someone would like cricket are really similar. But it also has so many unpredictable differences, and the international flavor, and the weird differences in strategy, and its own history that’s just as fascinating as the history of baseball while being completely different, and it’s on at such weird times in the US, and it basically goes year round. Like, just the fact that ties in test cricket (as opposed to draws) are both extremely rare, and usually widely celebrated – how awesome is that? It’s fantastic. Cricket is also similar to baseball in that it’s a great sport to listen to on radio – in some ways better than watching on TV at least for me.

    Also Joey Votto would actually probably be amazing at cricket – at least at test cricket, where having the patience to simply stay at the crease for a long time and wait for your pitch and not jump out at something terrible and get out is extremely important. Especially at the times when, for whatever reason, your side just really needs you to get out there and waste a ton of time, which happens in test cricket. Being able to let balls go by is absolutely a great quality for a batsman to have. It’s not just a matter of technique, but the mentality that you need.

  9. David says:

    I’m not quite so sure why people are so up in arms about scoring in the NFL.

    This year, the two teams in an average game combine for 47 ppg.
    The two teams in an average game combined for 46 ppg… in 1965! Butkus, Nitschke, etc., and scoring was basically the same. 1948 NFL, 47 ppg. 1960 AFL, 47 ppg. Yes, there’s about a field goal more per game than there’s been for the last 7 years… but I wouldn’t be surprised if the next two weeks see that go down a little bit. I never hear anyone bring up past NFL scoring. I think people are under the impression that there’s an extra touchdown or two being scored each week; that’s just not true.

    Also, in the draft, I was glad to hear badminton mentioned. One of my faves. Sorry no one took it. But the interesting thing, to me, about your draft, is that you really seemed to consider it primarily from the perspective of the VIEWER, rather than the participant. I would have had Track & Field (if that counts as one thing) in my top ten. And I think I would’ve had softball, too. I certainly would have had it above cricket. Softball’s great, because you can play it if you’re old or young, male or female – whatever. It’s a good time no matter what, and there are leagues all over, even in really small towns (like the one in which I live, where we have less than 800 people). Plus, like all other sports you mentioned, watching it at the elite level is awesome. Oh – and someone should have mentioned water polo, too. That’s a lot like team handball, in that I often find myself marveling at it once every quadrennium.

  10. kentpdc says:

    I’m not sure anyone has lost a draft so convincingly as Mr. Schur did in this podcast. That might be the worst draft of any kind, ever. By definition, that would include the Jets the past several years.

    Which makes me curious about a draft of the worst draft performances of all time.

  11. Damon Rutherford says:

    If I correctly remember their picks – baseball, football, basketball, soccer, tennis, hockey, golf, cricket, bowling, and team handball, that lets me select: track & field, swimming, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and auto racing.

    Though I considered going with snowboard cross (my favorite winter Olympic sport) instead of auto racing.

  12. Isaac says:

    WHOA, Michael accidentally predicted a Seahawks – Broncos Super Bowl at 23:45.

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