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The Pitcher Win Scoreboard


Because I needed another project …

And yes, I am aware that I have not finished the Baseball 100 or written the iPad review or done about 1,000 other things I said I would do. This is because: I’m unreliable.

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16 Responses to The Pitcher Win Scoreboard

  1. AaronB says:

    Good Morning Joe, happy opening day! I do not not want to see the win go away, it just means too much in so many ways, much I recognize is sentimental. I do agree that baseball needs to look into who gets the win. Last night’s Cards game, as you mentioned, is a perfect example. Carlos Martinez pitched 7 1/3 IP, with 10 K’s, 0 runs, for an early season WAR total of .5 already, and doesn’t get the win. No, he wasn’t the last one in when the Cards secured the win, but they were winning he left and did win the game…so, maybe he should get the win.

    No if it was a tie game or if the Cubbies were winning, then no, despite his efforts, I don’t think he’d deserve the win.

  2. mark G says:

    “And yes, I am aware that I have not finished the Baseball 100 or written the iPad review or done about 1,000 other things I said I would do. This is because: I’m unreliable.”

    We all expect double money back refunds.

  3. Rob Smith says:

    The Baseball 100 thing was SO 2014. Or was it 2013?

  4. Brent says:

    “The third win went to St. Louis’ Seung Hwan Oh, who pitched 1 2/3 innings of disastrous ball.”

    This is a bit unfair to Oh, who probably got the 2 most important outs of the game in the top of the 8th (Bryant and Rizzo with the bases loaded) before his manager decided to let him go ahead and pitch the ninth too.

    • Patrick says:

      “before his manager decided to let him go ahead and pitch the ninth too.”

      Man, if anything speaks to the absurd way in which bullpens are used by teams across the majors, this is it. I’m not saying you’re wrong but the idea that it might even be questionable to allow one reliever to get five outs in a 4-0 game just drives me nuts.

  5. Pat says:

    It does lead, though, to one of my favorite decision lines in all of sport—I think I’ve chimed in to say this before—in the reliever who gets the “win” only because he coughed up the lead he was given: Blown Save, Win.
    In the box score, of course, it’s abbreviated perfectly. So you get to read, say, Martinez, no decision, seven innings, two runs… wait, didn’t they score three?
    Oh, Pederson: a BS Win.

  6. Kevin Fitzgerald says:

    After your top-notch report on the Snuggie tariff litigation, I think you’re owed a pass on other projects.

  7. Bryan says:

    2016 regular season – 2427 wins, win% ignores no decisions
    Starter wins – 1628, 67.1% of wins
    7+ IP and 2 or fewer ER – 612 wins, 84 losses, 190 no decisions, 69.1% wins, .879 win%
    7+ IP and 3 ER – 50 wins, 57 losses, 23 no decisions, 38.5% wins, .467 win%
    7+ IP and 4 or more ER – 27 wins, 38 losses, 16 no decisions, 33.3% wins, 415 win%
    5-6.2 IP and 0 or 1 ER – 444 wins, 68 losses, 284 no decisions, 55.8% wins, .867 win%
    5-6.2 IP and 2 ER – 233 wins, 152 losses, 222 no decisions, 38.4% wins, .605 win%
    5-6.2 IP and 3 or more ER – 262 wins, 704 losses, 405 no decisions, 19.1% wins, 27.1% win%
    Reliever wins – 799, 32.9% of wins, 689 or 86.2% 0 ER, 83 or 10.4% 1 ER, 27 or 3.4% 2+ ER
    2.1+ IP – 75 wins, 53 or 70.7% 0 ER, 12 or 16% 1 ER, 10 or 13.3% 2+ ER
    2 IP – 103 wins, 87 or 84.5% 0 ER, 14 or 13.6% 1 ER, 2 or 1.9% 2+ ER
    1.2 IP – 52 wins, 49 or 94.2% 0 ER, 1 or 1.9% 1 ER, 2 or 3.8% 2+ ER
    1.1 IP – 76 wins, 67 or 88.2% 0 ER, 7 or 9.2% 1 ER, 2 or 2.6% 2+ ER
    1 IP – 385 wins, 330 or 85.7% 0 ER, 44 or 11.4% 1 ER, 11 or 2.9% 2+ ER
    0.2 IP – 52 wins, 49 or 94.2% 0 ER, 3 or 5.8% 1 ER, no wins for 2+ ER
    0.1 IP – 56 wins, 54 or 96.4% 0 ER, 2 or 3.6% 1 ER, no wins for 2+ ER
    Information from Play Index
    On May 27th Jeurys Familia entered top of the 9th with his team leading 5-1, gave up 4 runs and when Curtis Granderson started the bottom of the 9th with a HR it made Jeurys’ outing a strong candidate for worst win of the year and Jacob deGrom who left the game after pitching 7 innings and his team leading 5-1 clearly gets the win if you want to award it to a pitcher from the winning team after the game ends.
    On Sep 14th Braden Shipley entered top of the 3rd with his team trailing 2-1, pitches 3 scoreless innings, allows a 2 run HR is his 4th inning of work, faces 3 batters in his 5th inning of work and leaves with his team leading 9-4, runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs, both of those runners score and Shipley is credited with the win in an 11-6 game. No Arizona pitcher besides Shipley gets credit for more than 3 outs, does Shipley get the win?

  8. As long as you link here, I’m good. But Medium instead of a blog post? Really?

  9. Mike123 says:

    I think Joe did write an iPad review after Steve Jobs passed away, no?

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