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The Masters

Spent the last week at the Masters … so here are a few links if you are interested (or, I suppose, even if you are not):

WEIGHT OF HISTORY — No one is immune from the echoes rumbling at Augusta National. Not even Jordan Spieth.

WORKING MAN — Tom Watson was the hard one to love. He is private and opinionated and certain … but with a golf club in his hand, he has been a poet.

SCIENCE MAN — Meet Bryson DeChambeau, the young man trying to take on golf with science and golf clubs all the same length.

UNRIVALED — Saturday at Augusta shaped up to be the start of a beautiful rivalry between Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy. Only … it didn’t happen.

PUTT-PUTT — Ernie Els’ seven-putt was a hard thing to watch. Why does this little golf stroke bring down legends?

FIRST BASEBALL GAME — Mentioned this one earlier — Jack Nicklaus’ first baseball game was legendary. Well, of course it was.


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2 Responses to The Masters

  1. Anonymous Masters Fan says:

    Fantastic articles Joe. I come here for the baseball articles, but I think your other work is fantastic as well, and I especially love your golf articles. I expect to see more articles on Spieth here in the future, perhaps when he rebounds and wins the U.S. Open again.

  2. Richard says:

    With regards to “Putt-Putt”, when I become rich and famous, I want to work with the PGA and LPGA to set up a charity “Mini Golf / Putt-Putt Celebrity Pro-Am” tournament. Let’s see how Jordan Spieth et al. deal with The Windmill……

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