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The Life of Ryan

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  1. Bryan says:

    Since Terry Collins became manager of the Mets (start of 2011) the team has issued one or more IBB in 202 games going 54-148 for a .267 win% in those games.
    Over the same time period Joe Maddon’s teams issued one or more IBB in 174 games (27-89 Rays, 16-42 Cubs) for a .247 win% in those games.
    The Royals had 7 games (2-5 record) where they issued one or more IBB in 2016 and 8 in 2015 (2-6 record) the fewest and tied for 2nd fewest such games for a team in a season since the end of World War II. In the post season the Royals went 2-1 in games they issued an IBB on the way to winning the World Series in 2015 and 1-1 on their way to losing the World Series in 2014.
    Information provided by Play Index

  2. Chris says:

    Call it a grudge, but I don’t feel bad for Syndergaard at all. Not after deciding to take his 98 mph fastball and throw at Esky’s chin for no reason other thank to be a dick. It wasn’t even under the guise of defending a teammate or even breaking some unwritten rule. He can sit at home and eat more sausage.

  3. Casey Bell says:

    Too bad that the chart showing how the Senators’ batters performed under Ted Williams didn’t show what happened in the following seasons. In 1970, the
    Senators batted just .238. They followed that up by hitting just .230 in 1971. Incredibly, they had not yet hit bottom.

    In 1972, after moving to Texas, the Senators/Rangers hit just .217 and scored just 461 runs in 154 games! How is that even possible? The greatest
    hitter of all time was the manager for one of the worst hitting teams of all time.

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