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The Laura Graves Story

From NBC SportsWorld:

This was a fun one to write about Laura Graves, an Olympic hopeful in dressage, and her crazy horse. It’s a story that will probably be a movie someday.

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6 Responses to The Laura Graves Story

  1. Davan Mani says:

    Will she marry an Indian?

  2. Nick says:


    Several Typos in the story which were distracting…..

  3. Elton says:

    I thought to myself “Even Pos can’t get me interested in a story about dressage.” Wrong. I would totally watch that movie.

  4. Yazmon says:

    Matter-Eating Lad. Legion of Super Hero’s. Adventure comics, 60’s. Eats what he wants, doesn’t gain weight. (At one time was pretty round, though)

  5. Yazmon says:

    Well,I take part of that back. He wasn’t very round. That was some kid called Bouncing Boy I was remembering.

  6. Joe, Freddie Graves contracted me to select a horse for 14 year old Laura in Holland in the late Spring of 2002. I still have the video footage of Verdades, a handsome colt by Florette out of a Dutch driving mare by Goya. He was a special foal and the Graves took my recommendation to buy him after they saw his video. Your story of how they got Verdades is quite inaccurate and he wasn’t a second choice. That said, I still remember my conversation with Freddie saying how talented her daughter was. I’m so happy for Laura. listen at minute 2 marker where Laura mentions using me to find her horse.
    Steven Wolgemuth

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