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The Hall of Fame PosCast

The PosCast is back … I was going to say by popular demand but we all know that isn’t true. How about 80-plus minutes of Mike Schur and I babbling nonsense about the Hall of Fame?

You got it!

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4 Responses to The Hall of Fame PosCast

  1. murr2825 says:

    Brush with fame department :

    1982. I was in the lobby of the Drake Hotel in Chicago waiting on a job interview.

    Suddenly, stage right, who comes lumbering by with cameraman in tow but Howard Cosell.

    I yell out to him “Howard Cosell!” He turns and looks at me as I proffer my hand as I say “I’d just like to shake your hand!”

    He grabs my hand, gives it a single pump and quickly tosses it off as if I had manure on it, and starts walking away.

    I shout out to him ( in one of my all-time dick moves, I must admit) “is that it?”

    And Howard, in that distinctive voice that America knew well, just said “shut up!”

    I didn’t get the job either. Maybe it was karma.

  2. Jeremy T says:

    Hey, what happened to the one that you skipped?

  3. You probably remembered this already, but I’m pretty sure the Larry Walker-fan thing was that he caught a fly ball in foul territory, thought it was the third out, and gave it to a fan before realizing his mistake.

  4. Mike Hammerlock says:

    Orlando Cabrera might have been the biggest ringer of his generation. He went from an Expos team that was contending while in receivership in 2002-3 to breaking the Curse for the Red Sox in 2004 to anchoring the Angels teams that dominated the AL West 2005-7 to playing a central role in a massive ChiSox turn around/division winner in 2008 to putting the Twins over the top for a division win in 2009 to helping the Reds end what’s called the Lost Decade and winning the NL Central in 2010. When Orlando Cabrera joined your team, you went to the playoffs. That’s an insane run he went on in the 2000s and it happened way too many times to be coincidental.

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