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The Greatest Tennis Player Ever

Here’s another video essay, this one about tennis.

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11 Responses to The Greatest Tennis Player Ever

  1. steve kontchegulian says:

    i’d have to agree. there was nobody better than “the rocket”

  2. Marco says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the Federer-Nadal head to head record as being particularly useful in evaluating them.
    The age difference is just too big.

    • Byrne says:

      I agree but I wouldn’t worry too much about it as that argument, at least from Nadal fans, will all but be scrubbed once Djokovic passes Rafa in their H2H and presumably picks up a few more Grand Slam titles himself. It will be difficult for anyone to claim Nadal as the GOAT when his H2H against his actual rival (they’re separated by 11 months) is underwater (7-14 against Djoker H2H off of clay). What is it now, 23-20 overall, I believe.

      I’ll never cease to be amazed by those who put Nadal over Fed or Laver when everything that could possibly tilt in Rafa’s favor during this era, save for Djokovic’s rise, suits his game. The slowing down of courts, even hardcourts, to suit his defense first game. The manufacturing of those weighted Aero raquets & the 16/19 strings that were previously banned by the ITF which give his only real offensive weapon it’s decided edge. The decline of players participating in tennis from the US & Australia etc. Nadal is like a pitcher from the 60’s. He’s benefited greatly from the tennis equivalent of the raised mound era. A pseudo-moonballer in this era can be considered a potential GOAT. Wonder why the sport draws TV ratings that rival bowling.

  3. Bob Loblaw says:

    Federer >> Nadal. Nadal is greatest clay court player in the universe, but he only has 5 majors outside of France. Bleh. Federer 18 of 19 finals in Grand Slams…from 2005 Wimbledon to 2010 Australian. That’s right…one missed final in almost 5 years of slams. That’s a record that is unbeatable.

  4. BobDD says:

    Happy Gilmore with a hockey stick.

  5. Alejo says:

    An anecdote on the master painter William Turner. He was intense and often painted with his fingers and nails; he couldn´t stop himself from imprinting his rage in his work. Once a young artist visited him and presented himself as a painter. Turner violently took his hands and looked at them. They were clean. He said to the man “you are no painter, go away”.

    Pete Rose said “I would go through hell in a gasoline suit, just to play baseball”

    Some people are compelled to do what they do.

    I don´t forgive Pete rose, I don´t condemn Pete Rose. The whole things seems beyond me.

  6. shagster says:

    Dig the 70’s Show (?Cleveland?) esque faux wood panelling feel for these things. Nice way to contrast – highlight the subject.

    Need a little more Joe, a little less script. Joe, go Izod tennis shirt for these.

    Are these shorts similar to how CBS started Rooney on 60 Minutes?

    Once the kinks are worked out it will be hard for NBC to keep Joe off of television.

  7. chazzykc says:

    The proper conclusion……..Laver,1….Federer,2…. Nadal,3 ….Sampras 4 All of them were brilliant in their own ways. To me the difference maker is the length of time Laver was the best in the world… astounding full ten years.

  8. says:

    While I appreciate and understand the desire to branch out from writing to screen, I am not a fan of it. I love your writing, Joe. Your “video essays,” not so much.

  9. Ian says:

    Federer’s claim – most slams ever, 302 weeks at #1 (literally more than double Nadal), 237 consecutive weeks at #1 (Nadal managed 56 weeks), 23 consecutive GS semis, 10 consecutive GS finals, 6 ATP finals, at least 5 finals at each GS. He won 3 out of 4 GS in a year 3x (Nadal once).

    Nadal’s claim relies nearly entirely on H2H record, which obscures a lot of facts, including that most of those occurred either on Nadal’s primary surface or after Federer’s peak. Nadal didn’t face Federer much on other surfaces during 03-07 b/c he wasn’t good on those surfaces. Also, H2H is sort of a stupid way to determine GOAT.

    Nadal is the best clay court player but for a number of years, Federer was clearly the second best clay court guy as well.

  10. Fashion Consultant says:

    Have you considered using a half-Windsor knot instead of a four-in-hand knot for your tie? I haven’t liked the way you tied your ties in this or the Wrigley Field video.

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