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The five-tool host

To our generation, David Letterman didn’t just define what was cool and what was funny. He was also a big sports fan. And that made him even more awesome.

A Dave remembrance with his longtime head writers Eric and Justin Stangel

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8 Responses to The five-tool host

  1. Brett Alan says:

    My favorite Letterman sports bit (I’m paraphrasing from memory, but I’ve got the gist of it):

    “Last night in the first round of the NBA Draft, the Portland Train Blazers selected center Arvydas Sabonis. (beat) I don’t have a joke here. I just like saying the name (beat)…Portland Trail Blazers.”

    i enjoyed the tribute special CBS did recently, but I wish it had focused less on big stars and more on those little moments of insanity. The Terry Forster “tub of goo” brouhaha is a good example. The Bookmobile, with the Library Lady and Gruff But Loveable Gus. The woman across the street whose office they used to call. “They pelted us with rocks and garbage”. That sort of thing.

    • MCD says:

      Man, I haven’t thought about “They pelted us with rocks and garbage” in years. That was a prime example of something that was hilarious, but I can’t quite put my finger on why.

  2. Squawks McGrew says:

    I miss Larry Bud Melman, too. Speaking of bits, one of my all-time favorites was Dave’s TV remote on the street. He’s telling viewers that this is a major project. He starts interviewing the phone company repairman, who corrects him. Dave listens and then tells viewers the man is digging to China. The man corrects him. Dave listens and says something completely different.

  3. Richard says:

    I remember back in 1994 when the NY Rangers won the Stanley cup for the first time in centuries, and a few of the team members were booked as guests… That night, one of the little promo spots the network does at the end of the news broadcast to entice viewers to stick around had Dave saying in his dumb guy voice: “Tonight’s show is so good it got us this trophy…” And then he pulls out the Stanley Cup from behind his desk…

  4. I used to stay up to watch Carson’s monologue, but that’s as late as I could make it. 11:45 and that was it. Carson’s monologues were funny, except when they weren’t funny…. which made them funnier. Somehow with Leno and Letterman, the monologue wasn’t as good. They didn’t have the knack, I didn’t think, of turning unfunny material into being funny. I did watch their shows a few times & they were good, but I just couldn’t stay up that late. I haven’t watched either / or the newer shows in years.

  5. Craig Willms says:

    Who to you think you are? Bjorn Nittmo?

  6. hermitfool says:

    Funny guy, but at times mean-spirited and cruel. There was nothing humorous about his cruelty.

  7. chazzykc says:

    As Joe famously (and dismissively) said in faint praise of Dennis Miller, I loved Dave until he became unbearably political almost 15 years ago……since then …..not so much. His creativity and risk taking style were brilliant nonetheless.

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