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Tennis Lions In Winter

The story of my tennis day — following up on the Being Ivan Lendl post — was hilarious and fun until it turned strange and poignant

Here it is at NBC Sports.

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4 Responses to Tennis Lions In Winter

  1. David says:

    Anyone else unable to get the link to work?

  2. rich says:

    Yeah, these never seem to work on mobile devices.

  3. chlsmith says:

    That’s a story no one expected to hear coming from the event. I can’t say that I’ve ever been a real competitive athlete, but maybe the perceived jerkiness is just the symptom of what gave him an edge back in the ’80s. I bet Kobe Bryant would swat a 10-year-old at his birthday party. I bet Pedro Martinez would bean a fat guy at a slow pitch game if the guy had some power and could win the game with a big hit. I don’t have that edge….maybe that’s really what it takes to be great.

  4. Alejo says:

    Read it. The whole thing seems a bit sad to me, not just the end.

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