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Taylor Swift

Michael Schur and I drafted Taylor Swift songs on the PosCast this week because … we did.

Here, for your amusement, is my scouting report leading in — this is from the Pittsburgh Marriott. I was in Pittsburgh for the U.S. Open.


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17 Responses to Taylor Swift

  1. John says:

    This confirms that I would listen to these two talk about anything.

    Here’s pianist Chilly Gonzales explaining what makes a song “catchy” with Shake It Off as the main example:

    I keep Gonzales’ Pop Masterclass on hand for my writing classes to try to help my students how to develop an argument in an essay. Maybe I’ll use this Pozcast to discuss evaluating, agreeing and disagreeing.

  2. invitro says:

    Inside every aging male writer, there’s an eight-year-old girl waiting to bust out. I think I’ll get Joe a Barbie doll for his birthday.

  3. Jesse K. says:

    I’ve never heard a Taylor Swift song, but enjoyed this as always. Usually the non-sports drafts are just as entertaining, if not more so. Here are some draft ideas I’d like to hear:

    -Board Games
    -Animals (if that is too broad, narrowed down to Pets)
    -Flags (country or state)
    -Sports broadcasters
    -Sportswriters (Joe P. excluded)

    • Mark Daniel says:

      Never heard a Taylor Swift song? How is that possible?

      • Not Jennifer Gibbs says:

        I’ve never heard one. I’m a man in his 40s without kids: where would I hear one of these songs? I listen to sports radio, NPR, and random podcasts. I watch sports, the news, and reruns of Law & Orders and Star Trek. I know who Taylor Swift is through general cultural knowledge, but acquiring that knowledge did not require hearing her songs.

      • Jesse K. says:

        I should clarify, I have never *knowingly* heard a Taylor Swift song. It’s possible I’ve heard one while out in a public place (e.g., at a sporting event or shopping mall.)

      • Mark Daniel says:

        I was only joking at the fact that she’s always on the radio, on TV, being played at sporting events, etc.. I think there was a period of time when both Good Morning America and the Today Show played “Shake it Off” at commercial breaks every day for like a two months. Though, if you don’t have kids, that would drop the exposure to her significantly.

      • James says:

        I had to go on youtube to listen to several of the songs. I knew a few “Shake it Off”, for example. I had heard a few others, but wasn’t sure who sang them.

      • Shattenjager says:

        I haven’t, either, as far as I know. (And those titles certainly don’t sound familiar.)

        I didn’t even listen to this episode because I assumed it would make no sense to me. I came to read the comments to see if anyone commented about being in a similar boat, so now I’m going to go ahead and listen, though I suspect that I will get frustrated not knowing anything about the subject.

        As a board game fan, I am going to announce that I don’t want to hear that draft. I think it would be frightening to me to hear, because I have a feeling that dreaded games like “Monopoly” and “Life” would come up while great games like “Betrayal at House on the Hill” and “T.I.M.E. Stories” would not.

  4. Steve Youngblood says:

    Joe, I love your writing and podcasts. As evidenced by the fact that I listened to the whole Poscast on Taylor Swift. I just listened to you discuss someone who sings like she is on helium.

    Can I have the last half hour of my life back?

  5. Johnnysoda says:

    Wow, “We Are Never Ever…” was drafted third? If I was drafting Swift songs, that one would go undrafted. It’s the lowlight of the “Red” album (which is actually excellent).

  6. Chris says:

    Great subject. I’m a 42-year old part-time musician who mainly listens to indie music, but she’s a great pop song writer. Not sure how anybody can deny her ability to write some choice hooks.

  7. Michael Lerra says:

    My suggestion for the next draft: Titles.

    Could go in any number of directions, be it titles from movies and books, titles for people like “Lord” or “Commander in Chief”, or titles in the Other category like the Intercontinental Championship in the WWF.

  8. Tom Mottola says:

    No question her best song is “All too Well” – her performance at the 2014 Grammy’s is the only time I have ever truly enjoyed and respected Swift’s talent.

  9. SteveB says:

    My father passed away yesterday and I made the 400 mile drive “home” solo to help with arangements.

    I loaded up a bunch of Poscasts to keep me company on the trip.

    Where else can one hear entertaining discussions on Gordie Howe, Matt Harvey, Lebron James, Taylor Swift and more?

    You provided me with a much needed deversion.

    Thanks Joe

  10. Surprised says:

    Didn’t know all the songs you two selected, but I’ve certainly heard lots of these over time. Surprised nobody selected Love Story?

  11. Zach Walters says:

    Every draft has one player falling inexplicably far down the board, which leaves “Everything has changed” as an undrafted free agent.

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