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Still figuring things out a bit as far as what things will go here on the blog and what stuff will go on Sports On Earth.

In the meantime, a few things I’ve written lately:

— A bit of nostalgia about Electronic Football (not Electric Football) and the pain we used to feel back in the old days when the stopwatch at 60 Minutes started to click: Old Man Nostalgia.

The life and times and disappointment of Art Modell.

— The agony of being the fifth-ranked men’s tennis player in the age of the Big Four. You can read that here and you can read Tom Tango’s brilliant rejoinder here.

— With Rory ascending and Tiger searching for his youth, it’s a great time to be a golf fan.

Lots and lots of stuff in the hopper; like I say I’m still working out what will go here and what will go there, but I will definitely do better about letting you know what’s going up.

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11 Responses to Sports Somewhere On Earth

  1. Unknown says:

    Joe. I am just happy to read whatever you put up whenever you put it up.

    To me ir doesn’t matter where you put it. My browser can access both sites.

  2. DJ says:

    I like the new site, lots of good stuff there, yours and other writers.

    But perhaps it needs a new title like:

    I mean I know we’re hockey mad on this side of the border but you’ve got a lot of great hockey cities on the south side of the border too.

    Either that or title it


  3. Devon Young says:

    Thanks for reminding me the site exists. They don’t have an RSS or Atom newsfeed, so I’ve been forgetting. I’d love to add it in my Google reader so I get any updates when I check the news. I don’t have time to go running site to site and check for possible updates all the time. I emailed somebody about it, but never heard back. I still can’t believe a news site in 2012, that expects to get a lot of readers, doesn’t have a feed right at the start.

  4. MLJ says:

    You can’t RSS the whole site (so far as I know), but you can subscribe to Joe’s feed here:

  5. Mark says:

    So far it looks like everything here is *also* posted there? So at the moment there’s no reason to go both places? Or is that part of what’s still being worked out?

  6. CB says:

    Don’t think people have forgotten that you’re an apologist for a pedophile-enabler, Joe. They haven’t. Perhaps you notice that your blog posts used to get 50-100 comments, and now most of them are lucky to get to 20? You’ll keep a few fanboys, yes, but I daresay most of us can no longer take your writing seriously.

    • J Hench says:

      My guess (and I haven’t surveyed a relevant population to gather the data that would support this hypothesis, so that’s all it is right now) is that the lack of traffic/comments on this blog has much more to do with the infrequency of Joe posting here than it does with his book about Joe Paterno. When he posted daily and multiple times a day, this site would be a regular stop for me and many others. Since the regularity of his postings diminished, it became less of a destination. Now that he is writing regularly at Sports On Earth, I suspect most of his readers seek him out there, rather than here. Particularly when nothing new has been posted here lately.

      I could be wrong though.

    • Whelp. It’s pretty clear that you didn’t read the book and don’t consider logic to be an important life skill.

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