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I am posting here at my Sports Illustrated blog.

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22 Responses to Sports Illustrated Blog

  1. I miss you posting here at THIS blog.

  2. sammyg says:

    The RS Feed at SI makes it so you can’t read your blog posts in a Reader.

    Much more annoying to read the blog that way.

  3. Yeager says:

    Agree with sammyg

  4. steak says:

    Not a fan whatsoever, but this blog doesn’t seem to pay well.

  5. nickpa1 says:

    is this temporary or permanent?

  6. Best wishes to you and your family for the holidays, Joe.

  7. Nuts! I’d rather comment here than with the masses over at

    Hope all is well, Joe.

  8. Jack says:

    What Damon said.

  9. Paul Franz says:

    What Jack agreed with Damon about.

  10. EdB says:

    Is this site finished as a home for you, Joe? I mean, I’ll be happy to follow you to the SI site, if that’s the answer. But just tell us that you’re closing up shop here.

    This sure has been a weird month.

  11. NMark W says:

    What Paul Franz says about what Jack agreed with Damon about….

  12. KHAZAD says:

    I am probably not alone in the fact that it always gave a little more kick to my day when I checked this site and found a new post.

    Whether it be sports related, family related, nostalgia related, or even something about an infomercial, it was always a nice break to my day.

    If you are only going to be on the SI blog, then that is your choice, an you must do what is right for you.

    It is not quite the same for us, though, and I will miss this site a lot.

  13. The Stork says:

    It almost seemed as a family, hopefully this is not the end. As for me, I will not be following you to SI, if that is indeed the case. I do not like their format and I do not like being one of many. We had our own little world here. Hopefully, it is not another bad decision that was made…

  14. Meat says:

    What NMark W affirms what Paul Franz agreed with Damon about.

    But not Jack. That guy’s waaay off base.

  15. I’m ecstatic that NMark W likes what Paul Franz says about what Jack agreed with me about.

    Also, Joe, I’ll follow you to the SI Blog, one of the new XXX sites, or even ESPN Insider (should you betray SI) if necessary, but I dislike your SI Blog’s comment area and its structure. Thus I’ll likely refrain from commenting over there.

    I also agree with EdB — please let us know if you’re retiring this blogspot home, especially so I can stop checking it several times a day!

  16. Faith Iyaz says:

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  17. dan-O says:

    As a check-it-every-day, never-comment-guy, I feel I have to toss in my two cents. A lot of times, I would read the comments longer than the articles. I forwarded the slice of life stories to my friends and family (specifically Harry Potter, though Joe vs. the GPS also made the rounds). Don’ let this blog die.

  18. Hartzdog says:

    I’ll really miss this blog. I loved he non-sports post as much as (and sometimes more than) your sports post. I doubt we’d get anything about Harry Potter backpacks at Disney World at SI.

    I also like the commenter much, much more on this page. People here are thoughtful, intelligent, often funny and insightful. On you tend to have much more screamers and ignorant assholes who aren’t interested in reading and digesting what Joe actually has to say. It’s like a bunch of friends here…not so much at SI.

  19. NMark W says:

    I’d like to think that Joe will not discontinue this blog simply because how he once gave the commenters here a wonderful moniker “Brilliant Readers” or “BRs”. I too enjoyed reading many of the comments and enjoyed posting a comment here and there when I felt it might add to the subject matter or take it in a humorous direction when appropriate. I would never attempt to do the same on the SI site. I’m hopeful that Joe’s current situation with the Penn State mess has created this and he’ll miss us BRs soon enough.

  20. Jeremy says:

    As a daily-checker-of-this-website I hope that you will continue posting here. I love your sports writing and I will read you anywhere, but I especially like the slice of life posts that you do here.

    I suppose that I am saying that I like your blog, Joe, and I hope you can come back here. If not, I will understand.

    Thank you, Joe.

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