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Some personal news

You probably know this but, whew, the business I’m in has changed. I’m sure this is true for every business, but I don’t know about any other business. I barely understand my own business. When I became a sportswriter some 30 years ago, there was a clear path for dummies like me. You started at a small newspaper and made your bones.  If you were lucky, a slightly larger newspaper might call. If you did well there, an even larger newspaper might give you a shot, and then an even larger one.

Rock Hill, S.C. to Augusta, Ga. to the afternoon paper in Cincinnati to the Kansas City Star.

This was my path but, more, this was THE path. Newspapers were the life then. When I got to be the columnist in Kansas City I had arrived at the greatest job my mind could comprehend. And the job was even better than I imagined it would be. I was home.

Then Sports Illustrated called with a job BEYOND my comprehension, the job I only dared to dream about when no one was looking.

And … well, you know what happened next. The Internet happened. Progress happened. There was a time, not so long ago, when you got newspaper for a million reasons: The coupons, movie times, car ads, real estate ads, the comics, your horoscope, a crossword puzzle, a Jumble, to find out where yard sales were, to look for a job, to check out the box scores, to check out stock prices, to buy a used sofa and, oh yeah, to read about the news and to learn about trends and to find out what the local sports team was doing. Think about the apps that do each and every one of these things now.

Newspapers began shriveling up. Magazines began feeling outdated. The news — well, we don’t have the bandwidth here to talk about what happened to the news. The point is that everything changed. The challenge is to change with it.

And I have changed. A lot. SI. Sports on Earth. NBC Sports. MLB. It has been a whirlwind. I’ve loved every place I’ve worked, I really have. Always though there was a shift that pushed me in another direction.

So, I’ve got a couple of things happening in my life — maybe you care, maybe you don’t, but this is my blog so I’ll tell you.

One, I will continue to write at, a terrific place. I’ll be writing three times a week. On Tuesdays and Fridays, I’ll be writing columns — usually live off of something trendy and live in the news. And every Thursday, this should be fun, I’ll be doing a Throwback Thursday piece where I go back into baseball history and tell a story. There will be other surprises here and there, but that’s the bulk of it.

Two, I’m proud to say that beginning today, I will be writing columns for The Athletic. You are probably aware of The Athletic because they basically been hiring amazing people just about every other day; it’s really cool to be a part of it. I’m still working on the schedule, but I imagine I’ll be writing twice or so a week to start and it will be about every sport. We kick off today with a piece about the Cleveland Browns draft.

The Athletic, you might know (or you will figure out if you clicked that link) is a subscription service. As part of my start, they’re offering a sweet discount with this link — just $2.99 per month. Look, you know I don’t sell stuff on this blog but even if you never intend to read a single thing I write, $2.99 per month for the amazing people at The Athletic — Ken Rosenthal, Seth Davis, Johnette Howard, Dana O’Neil, look, I don’t even KNOW all the amazing people who work there yet — is an impossibly awesome deal. Three bucks. Come on. You can’t get anything for three bucks.

Three: Mike Schur are trying something new with The PosCast. We will have a special bonus PosCast at some point in the next couple of weeks and then we are starting the new season of the PosCast on July 17. So what is this “new” thing we’re trying? Well, I can’t go into all the details but I can tell you that we intend to improve our PosCast recording success rate (up from the 37% we’re at now) and would like to improve the sound from “voices coming from inside a garbage dumpster” to “noise that will not cause your dog to hide in the pantry.”

There are other things happening, and I’ll share with you as we go. There’s a famous Chinese curse that is loosely translated as, “May you live in interesting times.” Well, I don’t know if it’s a curse. But these are interesting times.

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38 Responses to Some personal news

  1. Ed from Westchester says:

    God, I love the Poscast. And if being part of The Athletic means more Posnanski essays, then it’s well worth the investment.

  2. David Todd says:

    Congrats. Another HUGE get for The Athletic.

  3. heaveecee says:

    Great news Joe. I just started subscribing to the Athletic this month because of the great writers associated with it. Couldn’t be happier to see you join the roster. The only thing better, and I know you don’t get paid for it, would be more Baseball 100. Or better yet make it a book and I’ll buy it.

    • Andrew Frasier says:

      I represent a million strong movement oF fantantical baseball readers, and I, with their full support behind me strongly support the sentiment of heavecee! Baseball please! In whatever form it can be delivered.

  4. Jerry says:

    Fantastic in all fronts. The Athletic keeps getting more worth it!

  5. Tony Drees says:

    And Joe you did a great job in KC with The Star. We miss you. Hell, you have done a great job everywhere.

  6. LC_KC says:

    Throwback Thursday next March needs to be a column from the Star during the dark days of the Royals and your eternal optimism as a new season began for winning. And the Athletic only got better with you as part of the crew. I was tempted to subscribe when Rosenthal joined on, but my $$ went into their coffers when they added Royals coverage. Rustin Dodd is the man (with the hair)!

  7. Michael Rohn says:

    will the athletic let you finish the baseball 100?

  8. Dave D says:

    This is great news. I was questioning my Athletic subscription as I haven’t been checking it that often. But now I will have a very big reason to visit.

  9. David C says:

    Your writing brings me so much joy, so now I’ll be subscribing to the Athletic. And on a recent family vacation I introduced my kids to the Poscast during the five hour car ride. We have an eight hour ride coming in August so good to know you’re coming back! (8 hour trip should equal 1.5 Poscasts, right?)

  10. Steve says:

    Personally, I would have loved to have you stay at The Star for your whole career.

  11. AngryKrugman says:

    Can you please add to your site links to each of your articles on other sites so that we can have an RSS feed with all of your stories? Pretty please?

  12. Rob Smith says:

    Will you be doing any writing about Houdini, per chance?

  13. Corey says:

    Great move Joe, great writers will always have followers. I’ll go where you go. I’ve been planning on subscribing to the Athletic, now I did.

  14. Brian Kopec says:

    “Two, I’m proud to say that beginning today, I will be writing columns for The Athletic.”

    Oh hell! A paywall. Well I guess I won’t get to read J…

    “We kick off today with a piece about the Cleveland Browns draft.”

    …Just take all my money.

  15. Dark Side of the Mood says:

    This makes me very happy! I subscribed to The Athletic a month ago or so when they added Cardinals coverage but I was disappointed that there was really not much coming out of Kansas City. Now, I’m getting Chiefs info and my favorite sports writer will be part of the endeavor. Color me thrilled.

  16. Karen Charmatz says:

    Congrats! This makes me happy. You’ve been one of my favorite writers (sports, life, harry potter,Hamilton) since your SI days. I’ve also been a subscriber to The Athletic since last year when Seth Davis & Stewart Mandel kickstarted the revolution. I love the platform and am happy to subscribe and not have to deal with ads popping up like there are on so many other platforms.
    Good luck!
    P.S. When is the Houdini book being released??

  17. Mike says:

    And number 31 is ,,,,,,,

  18. Clayton and Anita Wolfe says:

    We have been subscribers since at least 1958 when it was the KC Times and Star. The Star is definitely not the same and we are constantly disappointed. We miss you and so many local reporters and a local feel. But we are too old to get our news from the computer so will try to control our disappointment with the lousy journalism. Good luck in your future endeavors. We will consider a subscription to the Athletic.

    • denopac says:

      You must have missed that The Star’s “lousy journalism,” lacking in “local feel,” was just a finalist for the Public Service Pulitzer, for a series of articles entitled “Why So Secret, Kansas?”

  19. Greg Pizzo says:

    I also had been debating subscribing to the Athletic. Now I have. Thanks, Joe, for pushing me over the edge.

  20. Lee says:

    Cool stuff Joe. The one thing I don’t see is whether the blog will continue. All of us really hope so, as it includes stuff that doesn’t easily fit in the other two gigs — Springsteen, your daughters, this Personal News, etc.

  21. Paul Schroeder says:

    Please tell me that your work for the Athletic will not stop you from posting your Browns Diary next season here on your blog. That is one of my favorite parts of the NFL season.

  22. BobDD says:

    Wow! All those signups – that’s a lot of athletic supporters around these parts.

  23. CB says:

    Which site will have your pieces apologizing for pedophile-enablers? Please advise.

  24. Mike says:

    “Mike Schur are trying something new with The PosCast. We will have a special bonus PosCast”

    I’m sure Mike likes to refer to himself by the Royal We from time-to-time. But c’mon, Joe, you don’t have to join in!

    {Informs Joe & others that this is NOT an attempt to be Joe Blog grammar cop. Nah, this is just me unable to resist the chance to make a really dumb joke that made me — and likely only me — chuckle a bit. Carry on.}

  25. Kuz says:

    Love your work Joe, but my policy at this juncture is not to climb the pay wall.

    • SideshowRaheem says:

      You should strongly reconsider for The Athletic. It’s baseball coverage is phenomenal. In addition to Joe they’ve also got Peter Gammons, Jayson Stark and Ken Rosenthal,on top of a bunch of other great writers covering a local beat.

  26. I will semi-happily pay for things with an RSS feed, so I can read them all from one place. I won’t pay to go chasing things down all across the intertubes – there are too many free options.

  27. shagster says:

    Aha. Knew it. Beat you there. Great catch. For them. Your writing was the last of the independents I followed*. Even Emma best you there. Albeit a different capacity.

    Anyway. Look forward to reading your lines. And of course will keep checking here for the real life stuff.

    Speaking of real life. I’m in a historical fiction phase. Especially stories about uniqueness. Ideas. Say, know anyone doing any writing about magic?

    *Well. Still DO check in on Tanier’s silliness.

  28. Dan says:

    I finally got a subscription to the Athletic a couple of weeks ago. When I told my wife of the splurge she asked if that baseball and Springsteen blogger I read was a writer there. I responded that sadly he wasn’t. Now I can tell her she was oddly prophetic.

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