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Ron Washington tries to break IWRS

Just a few days after Ned Yost made me invent the Intentional Walk Rage System, Texas manager Ron Washington tries to break it.

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10 Responses to Ron Washington tries to break IWRS

  1. LuisLozada says:

    So many points on this article…

    Bill James’s team (put in another way, the team with Bill James on its payroll) ordered a bunt with no outs on the first inning? This by itself should be 1000 bonus points on the HBRS (Horrible Bunts Rage System)!

    “A walk that bad deserves to blow up”. I’m not sure who to root against here, the manager that ordered a bunt with no outs on the first, or the manager that ordered an IW in the first inning (after receiving a gift from the opposing manager mind you, maybe this is another unimaginable IW scenario: “You advance your runner with a bunt, I’ll respond with an IW!!!).

    I guess I’m happy with the result, Washington is a horrible manager and deserves the result; besides, I’m sure Farrell is being shamed internally.

    Joe, mark my words, Washington and Yost will get fired around the same time, and what will the Royals do next?

  2. David says:

    Good article. And by the way, whoever it is who made the NBC links work on mobile devices: THANK YOU!

  3. Jay says:

    Joe you are hitting the big time, I saw this article first on the Yahoo splash page.

  4. You left out one thing in the who is better against lefties Napoli vs Ortiz argument. That is the shift that is put on Ortiz by virtually every single team for every single Ortiz at bat. I’ve watched probably 60% of Red Sox games in the past 15 years and I don’t know how to look it up but the shift beats Ortiz allot! With a man on third Texas can’t use the shift against Ortiz which would raise his .268/.341/.480 slash against lefties.

    On kind of that same note. I guess if I could actually see in numbers how much the shift beats him I might think differently but wouldn’t it behoove Ortiz to bunt to third every now and then, in the right situation of course? If the opposing team knows he may bunt they can’t shift every single time against him which would make more of his hits fall in. Right now they know it is not going to third so they shift away. I’m saying this and I hate the bunt but to me it wouldn’t really be a bunt it would just be a soft hit to third.

  5. Thile says:

    I posted this in the other one (catching up after travel) but will repeat it here:

    Anderson was already intentionally walked twice in the game before this happens.

  6. Faye Sclift says:

    Ron Washington cost his team a playoff appearance with one
    of the worst managing decisions ever. 2012, 9th inning at
    Kansas City, tie game, man on 3rd, no outs. Due up: Elvis
    Andrus (batting about .295), Ian Kinsler & Josh Hamilton.

    RW calls for a no out squeeze. Andrus misses the pitch.
    Runner hung up, Rangers don’t score, lose in xtra innings.
    Washington blames Andrus, says EA could have tried harder.

    At end of season Texas has a 3 game lead with 3 games to go. Lose
    all 3 and have to have a play-in game. They lose. End of season.

  7. sanford943 says:

    I sent this to my brother who has a much better memory than I. He remembers a Cubs-Pirate game from Herman Franks was managing the Cubs. That should help narrow it down if you you look up the home games the Cubs played against the Pirates in which Franks managed. It was the top of the ninth, 2 outs, the Cubs leading by one. There was already a runner on first and Franks had Willy Stargell walked intentionally. Where does that fit in your rage meter

  8. Frog says:

    No need for bonus points. The existing IW Rage scoring system (which is brilliant, BTW) just needs a small alteration to the wording of point 3…

    Currently it reads “Did the walk give your team the platoon advantage or force the opposing manager to go to his bench?”
    Change it to “Did the walk give your team a more favourable batter match to the current pitcher or force the opposing manager to go to his bench?”

    That covers the platoon thing and the quality of the specific batters in the mix. What we care about is the matchup – not the individual specific of why a match up is better or worse.

  9. Pat says:

    I ain’t sayin’, I’m just sayin’. As of the end of Wednesday’s game, David Ortiz’s triple-slash line is .552/.606/1.172 during his hitting streak—which wraps the Red Sox’s series against Ron Washington’s Rangers that so set Joe Posnanski’s heart a-flutter the wrong way.

    And I ain’t sayin’, I’m just sayin’. But that’s not so much below Bonds’ line that season when just everyone was IBB’ing him, every game, every PA.

    • Luis says:

      Are you suggesting that “surviving” the Twins horrible pitching staff makes Papi a modern Barry B.?

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