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RIP Yordano


I love this photograph of Yordano Ventura. Bob Kendrick of the Negro Leagues Museum found it. I would say the whole story is in right there.

Here, in addition, are my thousand or so words.

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6 Responses to RIP Yordano

  1. KCJoe says:

    So sad. But what a beautiful tribute to him.
    Thank you Joe.

  2. LaWanna S.S. says:

    Outstanding tribute Mr. Posnanski
    Ace, Thanks for being a part of my life.


  3. Mike Schilling says:

    What is it about the DR that so many ballplayers die in auto accidents there?

  4. KHAZAD says:

    Such a tragedy. I was at the game where he threw 7 shutout innings in the World Series in tribute to a friend that died in an auto accident. It was so moving. To die in the same way a little over two years later….

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