Pat Summerall




Rest in Peace Pat Summerall. You let sports breathe. You let Madden talk. And in an age where we so often use too many words to say too little, you let our imaginations fill in the gap.

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  1. Kansas City says:

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  2. Kansas City says:

    Nice touch and tribute, by a man (Joe) whose work I love but who never before seemed concerned about too many words.

    RIP Mr. Summerall. You were a nice guy who brought happiness and other gifts to the world.

  3. Another great post from Joe. Pat was a great man that passed.

  4. olderholden says:

    He walked by me and climbed the tower beside the 18th at ANGC a few years back. He was good with the golf, too.

  5. David says:

    Every obit milks the Madden angle, but Pat Summerall also made great music with Tom Brookshier. The man was just a perfect partner.

  6. stuartbreck says:

    I grew up listening to him. A great loss to all sports fans everywhere.

  7. Touchdown

    Vai-ai-ai-ai Sikahema

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