Mr. Hockey

From NBC SportsWorld:

One March day in 1928, Katherine Howe was chopping wood outside the family’s dirt-floor home in Floral, Saskatchewan, when she felt labor pains. Her sixth child. So, she went into the home and boiled some water. Then, she climbed into bed, delivered her own child, cut the umbilical cord while the baby slept and waited for her husband, Albert, to come home after a rough day of farming and hunting.

That was the day Gordon Howe was born …

Mr. Hockey

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3 Responses to Mr. Hockey

  1. Great story, from an super writer.

    I got to see Gordie and his son play against the Phoenix Roadrunners. Last night I mentioned this to my 94 year old father. Said, “Those Howe boys are so good, I think they skated out of their crib.”

    Thanks for this.

  2. AB says:

    Great story. It’s the best kind of tribute.

    I saw Gordie, Mark and Marty Howe play against our Cincinnati Stingers in middle school. I received 3 pairs of tickets for perfect attendance the year before. I picked teams based on dates that someone could drive me rather than because I knew a Legend was playing. Two of them were against the Whalers. I was lucky. He was 50. I remember everyone talking about it. The Stingers had an 18 year old that year, I believe. Some rookie named Messier.

  3. Squawks McGrew says:

    We’re losing some great sports ambassadors lately — Buck, Ernie and Gordie.

    Reading about Howe’s toughness reminds me of a story I once heard told. Seems an enforcer new to the league decided to make a name for himself and take on the elder Howe.

    The two squared off and Howe said “In this league, son, we drop our gloves before we fight.”

    As the kid dropped his gloves, Howe knocked him out with one punch.

    Ah, the lessons of youth.

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