Maurice Sendak

“And sailed back over a year
and in and out of weeks
and through a day
and into the night of his very own room
where he found his supper waiting for him
and it was still hot”
— Where The Wild Things Are

As brilliant reader Jay points out, it is all but impossible to be of a certain age, to read those words, and to not feel like what follows is the closing of a book, the tucking of a blanket, and a kiss followed by the words, “I love you.” RIP Maurice Sendak.

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4 Responses to Maurice Sendak

  1. Ryan Eades says:

    RIP Maurice Sendak. For those who have never gotten a glimpse of the man’s personality, I cannot recommend highly enough that you watch a two part interview he did in late January with Stephen Colbert. It is epic.

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

  2. mbrandt23 says:

    I would read that book over and over as a kid, and my son would come to love it just as much when he was little.

  3. Skirra says:

    Going to read this to my kids right now. R.I.P. Maurice we the wild things will miss you as you sail in and out of weeks and into the night one last time.

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