Bud Collins

From NBC SportsWorld:

Bud Collins taught me to love tennis years before I ever picked up a racquet. He had such passion for tennis but more than that, he had that unique ability to transfer that passion to readers and listeners and, particularly, television viewers.

And he also wore those great clothes.

Mr. Wonderful

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6 Responses to Bud Collins

  1. Gene says:

    I used to love reading him in the Boston Globe, and he was a lot of fun to watch for all those years doing tennis commentary for NBC. One of the greats.

  2. Bob Kessler says:

    Wonderful piece. Bud had a joy of life and tennis that came through the TV and just grabbed you, even if, like me, you weren’t much of a tennis fan, That day, you were.

  3. duffy01 says:

    Well said, Joe. It is a darn shame there was only one Bud Collins.

  4. John Leavy says:

    One of my favorite factoids: Bud Collins coached radical “Yippie” leader Abbie Hoffman at Brandeis University. back in the Fifties. Abbie grew up in a well-off family, and was an excellent tennis player.

  5. horse14 says:

    Unless you took up squash it’s racket, not raquet.

  6. Karyn says:

    I used to get up very early on a Saturday in June, dish myself up some strawberries, and turn on the Wimbledon women’s final match. Never watched much other tennis, but I did that every year for a good while (it seemed like Steffi Graf was in almost every one). Bud Collins made that better.

    Thanks, Joe.

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