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  1. Don says:

    Hey Joe –

    Please resore the link on your blogs site that goes to your NBC columns.



  2. Patrick Spurgeon says:

    I just came upon a column that were kind enough to write about me and my retirement in 1992. So much has happened to me since then that I wanted you to know what a delightful new perspective that article has given me: five more national championships, another state championship and five more finalist finishes. Now that all is now almost over I felt a responsibility to thank those who have been kind along the way.

  3. Chaim Mattis Keller says:

    If you think those are the worst rock songs ever, you clearly have not listened to a radio in the last 25 years.

  4. Ed Rice says:

    Joe: This is Ed Rice, author of BASEBALL’S FIRST INDIAN. Would you please contact me? There was something in writing at the time of the name change in 1915 that absolutely proves Sock was remembered at the time of the change. It is in my book…I’m so sorry you missed this because your article was wonderful! And, thank you, for the compliment on my book and the recognition you offered me. Ed Rice

  5. Dave says:

    Joe, there’s a sports event occurring in Albuquerque that you might be interested in, in July there’s a reunion of, oh the heck with their formal name, “A League of Their Own” ladies. They’re now between 85 and 100 years old. For more info if you’re interested, you can contact me. There are about 150 of them still alive, and we’re hoping for 50+ to be well enough to attend the four days.

    (Great line I heard from one of them a few years ago, and remember that the fields they played on were not, ahem, pristine–“We were tougher than the men. We slid in skirts.”)

  6. Ed Rice says:

    As one of the two individuals who helped correct you on your Sockalexis opus (and, again, I thank you for referencing my biography on him), I still remain troubled that your piece still widely misses the mark and does nothing to help restore legacies of his that should be restored.

    The worst offender remains Sports Illustrated which, without question, has published the two worst and most misleading articles ever (1973, 1995)…and still refuses to do an article properly. This latter aspect is deeply troubling. What reputable publication doesn’t want to correct something it got wrong…totally wrong?! My name is so despised, apparently, at Sports Illustrated that the editors actually “banned” me from a conversation it had with the present Chief of the Penobscots, Kirk Francis on the topic. Do you still have any sway with SI? An article on Sockalexis, that is factual and accurate, is something SI has never done…but should do.

    –Ed Rice

  7. joe…most of the gifs etc since this was published have been shrunken enough to see the path of the pitch…but…once you shrink it down, you miss what looks to me like the reason the pitch went off to the first base side. on this bigger version, you can clearly see something hitting the catcher’s shinguard, and once you notice it…you can see the catcher sure seems to be tracking it, before reacting to the ball going off to the first base side…

    howcum that’s not part of the story, but the wild pitch is? weirdness…

  8. Dick__Whitman says:

    Just a request for the people who organize your website:
    Can we make it easier to access the Family Man stuff?
    It’s inspirational writing, and in previous formats of your blog I used to go to the archives on occasion, whenever I needed to feel good about being a father or a brother or even a decent man.
    As the blog is currently set up, that stuff is off-limits now, and that’s sad.

  9. alan berk says:

    dear joe – just a shout out- I m using your quote about Garry Sheffield and how fearsome he looked at the plate in my project on Winning at poker.

    I know- what could that possibly have to do with winning at poker

    Drop me an e- mail if you would like to see how I used it


    Branch Rickey To Jackie Robinson — I want a negro with the courage not to fight back

  10. GWP says:

    I’d love your take on the eternal question, “Who are the best, most famous, most successful, etc athletes to never grace the cover of Sports Illustrated?”

  11. ovdfyik says:

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  12. Brian Lens says:

    Just enjoyed buck o’neil Book

  13. Matthew Clark says:

    Jennifer/Joe: You’ve got at least one racist scumbag writing on the Cleveland Diary page.

    November 14, 2017 at 9:20 am
    The problem with the Browns is there are too many Negroes involved .Face it.

    Could you please delete this piece of garbage? Thank you.

    Matthew Clark

  14. Barry Levine says:

    Hi Joe – here’s my problem with dWAR. Player 1 and Player 2’s lifetime dWAR are both -9.7. Player 1 played 1400+ games as DH and Player 2 played 2000+ games at SS yet there’s no difference in their contributions to wins – huh? Player 1 is Edgar Martinez and Player 2 is Derek Jeter. Jeter was of ourse not a good defensive shortstop and provided less value than a replacement player, but he provided far more defensive value than a DH would have. That the difference in dWAR between Edgar and Jeter is 0 in bWAR is a very big problem and should cause concern.

    We compare defensive runs saved as a DH versus a replacement level player and the defensive adjustment for DH is -17.5 runs. When considering a defensive adjustment for DH, we ought to consider what a team would be with 8 defensive players versus 9 and calculate the defensive comparison that way. The value of a replacement level right fielder is 0 but with no right fielder a team would lose how may games more…10, 20, 40? I argue the value of defense is grossly under-stated in WAR and a DH ought to be penalized about .15 wins per game, a huge penalty but commensurate in my opinion with the value lost of having NO fielder. Even if the adjustment were half that: -.075 per game, Edgar woud basically have a 0 lifetime WAR and only because he was such a good hitter. This seems intuitive to me that DHs from a value perspective provide significant negative value.

    • BobDD says:

      dWar is defensive runs above replacement. There can be negative numbers, so the player with way more innings has negative numbers in there, more than the DH has.
      Some players with a lot of longevity even have career dWar below zero. Jeter is one of only two SS with negative career dWAR. Martinez wasn’t as bad is all. In fact, Martinez was not taken off of 3B because of poor defensive play as many believe, but to see if he would be more injury free as DH.

  15. Bob says:

    Joe: I have some nice BB ties that I don’t wear anymore–I’m retired after all! Anyway, if you email me your address, I’ll send them to you.


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  17. larry gus says:

    have you ever finished the baseball 100? on the website it stops at grover cleveland alexander. if you haven’t are you planning on it? if you have where can i find the rest of the articles to number 1?

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