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So you might have noticed that I’m redesigning the overall Website, including the blog. It’s something that is long overdue … as are many other things. I must have 50 half-written blog posts that I don’t know if I’ll ever finish. It has been a pretty busy last year but now I have finished my book on the rivalry and friendship between Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus, and have helped NBC launch SportsWorld and had my fear draft with Michael Schur on the Poscast and launched numerous other projects and started doing some television. Once I help my daughter get through her geometry test this week, I should be more or less caught up.

First, a handful of links:

— A short tribute to Ed Sabol.

— I wrote a little bit about how The Charlotte Observer tried to capture the immense life of Dean Smith.

— Reader’s Digest reprinted my story about my daughter Katie and her piano recital.

And now, to plans — I’m hoping next week to restart the 100 greatest baseball players where I left off at player No. 40*. I have been going back and forth on how to handle that; I have made quite a few changes to the overall list because I’m using a different method. But it’s generally the same 100 players in pretty close to the same order. I have been flooded with kind requests to just finish the list already, so I’ll stay on course, finish the Top 100 and then, if this ever becomes something like a book, I’ll rework the list then.

*Duane Kuiper!

I’m also bringing back Pixifoods; you might remember those being the foods that you loved as a child and find to be shockingly awful when you try them as adults. I’ll update the page periodically.

So, take a look around the new version of the site, see what you think, offer up any suggestions you like and we’ll see where it all takes us.

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18 Responses to Redesign

  1. alexandelegrand says:

    What about the ipad review?

  2. Jake says:

    Hey, can That Guy Who Was Running The Top 100 Reader Contest Thing refresh us on where we stood? I completely forgot who I even picked

  3. chlsmith says:

    I don’t care how the page looks….just keep writing articles.

  4. DjangoZ says:

    The new design is pretty awful on my iPad. I don’t understand what is “better” about the new design, other than that some of my old bookmarks no longer work and it looks worse on the iPad.

  5. Mark says:

    “Once I help my daughter get through his geometry test this week….” Daughter/his….just sayin’ 🙂

  6. Chris Hill says:

    Is there a search function to your blog any more? Am I just missing it? I was going to look for a lost teddy bear article and share it with my wife.

  7. invitro says:

    Very happy to see the baseball 100 return. Those posts inspired some great comments.

  8. Matthew Clark says:

    Very pleased that you will be able to continue work on the 100 baseball project. And I do hope you will be able to work it into a large book format: essays, photos, coffee table layout. Some of those essays are simply the best and deserve the widest possible distribution.

  9. Dennis says:

    the design is nice works well
    hell yes for the top 100 coming back it got me hooked to the blog

  10. Allen Phillips says:

    what about Frank White?

  11. And for what it’s worth, I’d still love to see you do a book about family. Your sports writing is phenomenal, but your stories that are about being a dad are top notch as well.

  12. Pixifood: spaghetti O’s. Awesome as a kid. As an adult its limp noodles soaked in a massive amount of unseasoned, watered down tomato sauce. It smells bad as well as tasting disgusting.

  13. Steve Adey says:

    Hire a math tutor. Everyone will be happier.

  14. I still like Spaghetti O’s! Hadn’t seen the piano recital post before, nice work Joe, you still haven’t lost your fastball — or your curve.

  15. POS software says:

    Great article. Thanks alot for sharing.

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