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Well, that could not be more delightful.

Two PosCasts this week — recorded one with Keith Law about his upcoming book (Tuesday!) called “Smart Baseball.” I (like Keith) often get asked if there’s a book out there (without a lot of heavy math) that just breaks down some of the advanced ways of thinking about the game. Well, there will be starting Tuesday.

And then, Michael Schur and I had our first ever guest, NPR pop culture correspondent Linda Holmes. It was delightful. We talked some Star Wars, some Backstreet Boys, some baseball and the adultness of sandwiches.

Would love for you hear them both — they are available as always on:





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5 Responses to PosCasts

  1. Rob DeMilio says:

    Thank you Linda for making the grilled cheese argument. I can see a (false) argument for it not being #1 overall, but going undrafted was beyond defense.

  2. Jeff says:

    Joe, it may have been specific to my situation, but I could barely hear Michael during this most recent podcast with Linda Holmes. If this was more globally the case, please consider having Linda back as a guest sometime…she was very engaging.

  3. gogiggs says:

    Great call having Linda Holmes on.
    I still miss her Survivor recaps from the now-defunct TWOP.

  4. Jack says:

    Linda Holmes rocked — one of the best Poscasts ever! Please have her back!

  5. Ben says:

    A-Rod did not play for the 2001 Mariners. In the previous offseason, he signed his $252 million deal with Texas that turned him into a persona non grata in the northwest. Mariners fans spent the season throwing monopoly money at him. He struck out to end Seattle’s 116th victory.

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