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PosCast with Joe Mantegna

This was one of my favorite interviews. Joe Mantegna, one of Hollywood’s great actors — Tony winner, Hollywood Walk of Fame recipient, star of television’s “Criminal Minds” — is, above all, a great guy and a very big sports fan.

We talk Da Cubs, Da Bears, a little bit of acting and, yes, that time he took Sir Ben Kingsley to his first baseball game.

Here it is on iTunes and Stitcher.

Or you can listen to it here:

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4 Responses to PosCast with Joe Mantegna

  1. Mark Daniel says:

    Hmm, this came out of left field. But hey, he’s great as Fat Tony:

    “You have twenty-four hours to get us our money. And just to show you that we are serious: you have *twelve* hours.”

  2. invitro says:

    If you didn’t ask him about House of Games and David Mamet, it’s a shame.

  3. Butch says:

    Joe Mantegna did Letterman years ago (obviously), and as Letterman is introducing that night’s guests, he deadpans “Tonight we have Joe Mantegna… Really? From the San Francisco 49ers? Wow! We… oh… Joe Mantegna… oh…”

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