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PosCast: Super Bowl LI

Yes, I sound like I’m about to die. And yes, Michael this week decides to confront his demons as he considers being a Patriots fan in the age of Trump. You can decide for yourself whether to listen. We do talk a little Super Bowl.

But the good news is that, unquestionably, our stupidest ever draft will be up in the next couple of days.

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2 Responses to PosCast: Super Bowl LI

  1. DJ Mc says:

    Thanks for fighting through your flu, Joe.

    This was great as always. It made my hour drive this morning feel like a breezy 50 minutes.

  2. :-) says:

    It was disappointing that you and Michael made some of the political comments that you did. I would have hoped that you would have been neutral and not showed a political bias.

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