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PosCast Stories (With Dayton Moore)

So, you might know that every month (or two months, or three months) I do the PosCast with good pal Michael Schur. We talk for a while about stuff, then talk for a little bit longer about stuff, and then we draft ridiculous things. It’s probably the most fun thing I do every month (or two months, or three months).

Unfortunately, we don’t have time to do it more often. Well, I could probably find the time, but Michael is too busy doing things like creating and writing and exec producing awesome television shows. I honestly don’t see why he would do that when he could do the PosCast where he gets a 50-50 split of the profits (total profit: $0.00).

In any case, we are now planning on doing the PosCast once or twice a month — well, once a month but we might split it in two — and I wanted a way to make the PosCast weekly.

Introducing: PosCast Stories.

The idea is simple: I find cool people and ask them to tell some stories. That’s the whole deal.

We’ll see how it goes. The first PosCast Stories is with Royals general manager Dayton Moore. It’s only like 20 minutes, which is how long it takes Michael and I just to thank each other for being on the show. Anyway, hope you like it and feel free to send along any suggestions, people who might make for good guests or whatever else.

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7 Responses to PosCast Stories (With Dayton Moore)

  1. Resinsman says:

    Have you been listening to Nate Silver on the 5.38 Election podcssts?
    His ‘Thanks’ sound kinda similar.

  2. Tom says:

    How about Bob Kendrick?

  3. BobDD says:

    old guys before it’s too late

    I remember hearing Jimmy Reese telling Babe stories on Dick Enberg’s local baseball telecasts – he was good storyteller, and while not everyone can be a Jimmy or Buck, those are the ones I’d most like to hear.

  4. rfaronson says:

    Commenting here on your as yet unlinked article about Kobe’s final game. Yes, I would have been happier had he retired two (or three) seasons ago. But on this night, he scored 60 points on 50 shots, which was slightly better than the Lakers did, better than the Jazz (the team they beat) did. It was better than the Spurs did in their last game, or the Clippers, or the Thunder, the 2-3-4 teams in the west, did in their last games. He shot over 50% from two point range, which he had only done one season in his career (which was not a great season). It was a superb game from a player that, love him or hate him, was still the #3 all time scorer, has the second most huge games, has the second highest single game. It was the same kind of high scoring game he has always had when he scored a lot of points, and it led the Lakers to victory. What has collapsed for him the last three years has been his three point shot, which in his best season was above 50%, but I guess he’s just not getting the same consistency of release from his aging legs. It was a commanding performance, once that had it happened in a victory over the Jazz five, ten, or 15 years ago, would have had no negative comments about it at all, but to have it happen for a 37 year old trying to reward fans who may have paid thousands of dollars to see his last game, it was truly remarkable. if the Lakers last game had come Tuesday, not Wednesday, so there was no headline stealing from the amazing Warriors, I bet you would have had no complaints. But isn’t that Kobe’s job, to show excellence on the court? Has any 37 year old had as good a basketball game? Has anyone said good-bye with such a finale? I think he deserved less hostility than you gave him. The Lakers the last three seasons were going to be dreadful with or without Kobe; this game goes a long way to justifying his decision to stick around.

    But boy, aren’t those Warriors grea?

    • invitro says:

      Actually, what collapsed for Kobe the last five years was his EVERYTHING. Advanced stats say he hasn’t been even an average NBA starter in that time, and was one of the ten worst starters in the league for most of that time.
      He was good last night, but it wasn’t any big deal. He shot 44%, and did nothing except shoot. I’d guess that there have been hundreds of games as good as his by people 37 and up.
      And FWIW… 37 is just not that old for an NBA Hall of Famer, especially an inner circle one that Kobe is supposed to be.
      I could write all day and night about Kobe, but the most baffling thing to me the last few years has been that the Lakers’ fans simply don’t care if their team wins games or not. Or even if Kobe plays well or not! The only thing they care about is Kobe getting on Sportscenter, getting the headlines on the big sports web pages. Maybe they’ll start caring about basketball and winning now…

    • Travis says:

      Uh, those Warriors ARE great. They accomplished an incredible feat that took a season-long commitment from everyone on the roster. Kobe’s performance was impressive, but he took 50 shots against a team that had nothing to play for. I think a record for season wins trumps a glorified Harlem Globetrotters game.

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