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PosCast Episode 18 — Parts of Stadiums Draft

Michael Schur and I drafted parts of stadiums. I don’t really know what else to say about it.

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6 Responses to PosCast Episode 18 — Parts of Stadiums Draft

  1. Kendell says:

    I love the drafts, they are always my favorite part of the PosCast. But I have to disagree with you guys when you said that there is no reason for home plate to be shaped the way it is. There is a reason – the angled part (that looks like the roof of the house) is the start of the foul lines. If you extended the foul lines through the batters boxes they would meet at the point that is the tip of home plate. So that angled side of home plate is the start of the foul line that runs from the tip of the plate to the foul poles.

    • Dalton Swayze says:

      Exactly my thought. Many forget that home plate is in play. If a bunt landed on the “unnecessary back tip” it would be a fair ball.

    • MCD says:

      I thought the “No reason for home plate to be shaped the way it is” comment was absolutely the most bizarre thing I had ever heard (for the reason you state regarding being an extension of the foul lines). It would make sense if it was just coming from a non-sports fan (or more specifically someone who doesn’t like baseball), but in a piece that was ostensibly “pro baseball”, it struck me as a remarkably obtuse statement.

      But I guess, I have to remember that Michael Schur is a television producer and while being a baseball fan, it isn’t his job.

  2. Carl says:

    And here I thought this was going to be parts of specific ballparks. “I’ll take the bleachers at Wrigley,” “I select McCovey Cove,” etc. Maybe that can be another episode.

  3. Cuban X Senators says:

    ‘Twas Bochy that caught Mattingly restepping onto the mound (not LaRussa).

  4. Dave Smith says:

    I don’t tweet so I’ll not get a nod of approval. Instead I’ll give you gents a nod of approval, well done.

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