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PosCast Draft: Utensils

In an effort to squeeze in as much nonsense as possible into one episode, Michael and I break down Field of Dreams, discuss the proper way to cut a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, argue if it is morally OK to cut fruit before eating it, draft utensils, invent a new name for the most miraculous of kitchen utensils and discuss whether or not trucks are weird.

As always, listen at your own risk.




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13 Responses to PosCast Draft: Utensils

  1. Marco says:

    Interesting that a utensil that billions of people in the world have no use for went 1:1

  2. Ed says:

    You didn’t think of potato in terms of peelers??

  3. David says:

    I always think that the reason people don’t like Field of Dreams is that they don’t like fantasy stories. In order to enjoy the movie, you have to be able to buy in that there’s a voice – not in the head of the main character, but an audible voice. You have to be able to buy into time travel. I just think that most of the people who don’t like the movie, don’t buy in on THAT level, and that’s what ruins the movie for them. What I’m saying is, Rob Neyer probably ALSO doesn’t like Harry Potter.

    • invitro says:

      Or maybe he doesn’t like Field of Dreams because it’s a dumb fantasy story, and doesn’t like Harry Potter because it’s a children’s fantasy story.

      • Ed says:

        Eh, Harry Potter is really only a children’s fantasy story for the first couple of books. Past that it’s maybe… young adult, I guess? I definitely wouldn’t say the later books were written with preteens in mind.

        Regardless, if you can’t still have an appreciation for children’s stories, fantasy or not, as an adult, I’d say there’s something seriously lacking in you.

  4. Brian says:

    for the first time ever I turned off a draft without finishing. Once you both decided a fork was better than a spoon, the rest of the draft became meaningless. You can eat literally anything with a spoon, half of the things I regularly eat can’t be eaten by a fork. Plus, cooking is measured by spoons not forks.

  5. otistaylor89 says:

    Yeah, have to say anyone loses credibility with me when you pick fork over spoon – would also be grounds for divorce and disinherits get kids.

    • Dave Smith says:

      The knife is the obvious correct answer. Number two would be either spoon or chop sticks (probably spoon). The fork is by far the most over rated utensil. With just a knife I can survive and eat most anything and not look like a complete savage. With a knife and spoon I can eat anything without using my hands or picking up the bowl and drinking out of it. If I’m preparing food the bare minimum I’ll need is a knife.

      If you disagree, I’ll fight you. Me with my knife and you with your spoon (or fork or vegetable peeler or spatula or ???melon baller???).

  6. RJB says:

    Loved this as always. I only recently found out that there was such a thing as poscasts and since I’m laid up with a broken heal bone and have a lot of free time I searched for a way to hear old episodes. Several sites have them available is the best formatted , having all episodes going back to 2013 on one page. In case anyone is interested…

  7. Damon Rutherford says:

    The straw deserves at least a post-draft free agent signing. It’s not a necessary utensil, but it is incredibly valuable when driving, consuming milk shakes, and needing to fire off spitballs.

  8. Jamie says:

    What I learned here is that they both need to eat more cheese. The peeler and ice cream scoop go and then the cheese grater which it is agreed is rarely used. I don’t own an ice cream scoop and rarely use a peeler, but the cheese grater is key.

  9. Mort says:

    Why would you attempt to scoop ice cream when it’s hard? You’re aware, aren’t you, that it gets soft after sitting just a few minutes on the counter. The taste is more flavorful then, too.

    I’d also take time to correct your mistaken opinion of Field of Dreams, but I make it a practice not to argue about religion on the internet. Suffice to say the book is a lot better than the movie.

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