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PosCast Draft: Road Signs

Michael and I talk about famous people and draft road signs. We close in on our goal: Peak meaninglessness.

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4 Responses to PosCast Draft: Road Signs

  1. Steve says:

    My favorite road sign is one that I’ve only seen in one place. There are two traffic lights in quick succession. Between the two is a road that feeds through the second light. On the overhang for the first light is a sign that reads “This is your signel”. I presume it’s there because too many people didn’t notice the first light and saw only the second one.

    “Bridge may be icy” is fun too. Especially when you see it in July.

  2. Llarry says:

    My favorite road sign shows up (or at least used to) in New England, specifically Massachusetts. You’re driving along, about to enter a small town, which you can’t yet see around the bend, and there may be a sign warning you that you’re coming to a more built-up area and to watch for more traffic and other activity.

    The sign reads:

    “Thickly Settled”

    • RJB says:

      My other favorites in MA- Blind Driveway and Slow Children. Sadly, I also haven’t seen any children playing near a children playing sign in many years- guess they’re all indoors with their electronic devices.

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