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PosCast Draft: American Things

Michael and I draft American Things on the PosCast this week.

You can download it on (deep breath): StitcheriTunes, Google PlayAudioBoom, and supposedly Spotify though I have no idea how to link that one.

And, of course, you can listen here. I should add, we also did a PosCast on Mike Trout, the Yankees and NFL player contracts.

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13 Responses to PosCast Draft: American Things

  1. Micah says:

    Another American thing about Alaska- it is not included in the continental U.S, even though it is part of the continent. Did we just decide that North America excludes Canada?

    • Brent says:

      I think the more correct statement is that it is not part of the contiguous United States. I thought when we said continental US we were including Alaska (but not Hawaii, or Guam or Puerto Rico). According to Wikipedia (for what that’s worth):

      Because Alaska is also on the North American continent, the term continental United States would also include that state, so the term is sometimes qualified with the explicit inclusion or exclusion of Alaska to resolve any ambiguity.[2][8][9][10] The term was in use prior to the admission of Alaska and Hawaii as states of the United States and at that time usually excluded outlying territories of the United States.[11][12] However, even before Alaska became a state, it was sometimes included within the “Continental U.S

      • Kuz says:

        Alaska is unique among the US states as it is part of the North American continent, meaning it is attached via Canada, and so is part of the “Continental United States”. However, Alaska is not part of the “Contiguous United States”, because it is not attached directly to the lower 48 states.

        I think you nailed it Brent.

    • Kuz says:

      Canada and Alaska are on the North American continent. Alaska is part of the continental United States. To say Alaska is not part of the continental United States is incorrect.

      • Micah says:

        I like the research from Brent. In practice, I’ve always heard the term continental U.S. used to exclude Alaska. Joe uses the term continental in this way. And while agree contiguous U.S. is more accurate, it is only so if you start with one of the 48 states as a starting point. If you started in Anchorage, the contiguous part would be Alaska minus the islands. The 48 states is the largest connected component of the Unites States.

  2. DB says:

    As a fellow fan of not seeing the Yankees do well, I think the best thing to happen to the Yankees is exactly what happened in the past few years. Too bad to win anything but close enough to not be sellers. I call this the Dolphins’ curse (or pick your favorite team) that never bottoms out to get the good draft picks and sell out everything that is not young. I am terrified of the Yankees actually selling Miller and getting some decent picks. As long as they keep floating like this while the Mets get better (after bottoming out themselves) and turns into the 80s where the Mets were the team in New York. Any way to lower their incredible benefit of playing with only one other team in New York area which should realistically have at least one if not two more teams.

    • Kuz says:

      Thank God I was born in the United States near New York City so I could live a life as a Yankee fan and enjoy in their success!

      • DB says:

        – Mom was born and grew up in the Bronx and is still a Yankees fan.
        – Grandmother grew up and lived in the same house in the Bronx for 75 years (actually was born in Harlem though so still had a liking for the New York Giants) but became a Yankee fan when the Giants left.
        – Grandfather grew up in Bronx and stayed a Yankee fan until he died.
        – Sister is a Yankee fan.
        – Father grew up in Brooklyn but never will like any team but the Brooklyn Dodgers.
        – Brother rebelled and became a Mets fan.

        Now me, actually living for some time in the Bronx, spending summers in the Bronx and growing up in Yankee territory in Connecticut knew from an early age that there was only one team worthy enough for my fandom. Go Sox!

  3. MCD says:

    I stopped listening at “Hamilton”. And I am not ragging on “Hamilton” per se, as it is decent. But for this list?

  4. Spotify Listener says:

    Looked up “The Poscast” on spotify and found it.

  5. Dave Birrell says:

    I still have my Grade 6 report that I did on the Grand Canyon. I was on a road trip from my home in Winnipeg over spring break and I was suitably impressed as an 11 year old. My first line captures my most inner thoughts: “I went to the Grand Canyon today and it dazzled my eyeballs.”

  6. Jesse says:

    I would have picked American Literature, Sandwiches (everything from PBJ to the hamburger, Po’ Boys and East Coast-style subs), Thanksgiving and rock and roll. Also corn on the cob, craft beer and blue jeans and stand-up comedy. And how about our political system? It’s easily the most effective for a country of our size, influence and diversity.

    Yes, I know the sandwich and the hamburger specifically did not originate in the States, but at this point it’s ours more than it’s the property of the British or the Germans. It’s like someone who grew up in a small town and left right after high school for the big city–at some point, you’re more a city person than a country boy. Everything here is basically adopted and made our own anyway.

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