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Pop Up Video!

So, you might know, I work for NBC Sports. And NBC Sports is a television operation. I don’t think I need to go through the amazing roster of broadcasting talent at NBC — you know all the names. Costas. Michaels. Emrick. On and on.

Point is: They sure as heck don’t need me doing television.

But, what the heck, I’m doing some anyway. They have me working with production talent way above my level, and we’re producing some things together. This is all in line with some of the changes I mentioned in the last post — for now I’m doing some 90-second essays that NBC is producing into cool little pieces (the cool part being the excellent work of the producers).

As part of the transition, I’m going to post these videos here on the blog. I’m posting one I did last week on Wrigley Field. Comments are … thoroughly unnecessary. When it comes to my video work, I tend to work out of the George McFly playbook: “What if they don’t like them? What if they tell me I’m not good. I couldn’t take that kind of rejection.”

I’ll just assume the best.

And, oh yeah, there will be another Poscast. I believe.

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19 Responses to Pop Up Video!

  1. John says:

    Can we talk about your bookshelves? I see Roth and Doctorow, and I approve. I’m trying to identify the books on the right side of the screen.

  2. Naked Mole Gaetti says:

    Comments may be “thoroughly unnecessary,” but I’ll leave one anyhow. That was really good, Joe! A solid debut.

  3. tony says:

    I really enjoyed that. Good job!

  4. But… I like to read!

  5. Tampa Mike says:

    Wrigley stays the same until they install the massive new billboards to block the neighboring buildings. Wrigley is cool, but it’s no Fenway.

  6. Dark Side of the Mood says:

    Browns, of course.

  7. Positranic Man says:

    Really surprised you didn’t call these Pos-Up Videos.

  8. Rich says:

    Andy Rooney 2.0?

  9. Will says:

    So this supports why you ranked stadiums as you did… history. And that’s cool. But honestly, while stadiums like these are bucket-list stops, my stadium rankings are for places I want to return to again and again. Wrigley costs a fortune, is not very comfortable, etc. As a Nat’s fan, while you ranked it REALLY low due to not having enough “D.C.” (though a view of both the Capitol and the Anacostia from the field, as well as the Monument from the ramp, I’m not sure what is missing; food-wise, you have the half-smokes), the place has incredibly friendly staff, great local beer, excellent food options, great sight lines from even the $5 seats (and again, $5, versus $50+ for Wrigley seats on average really changes things in rankings if you aren’t rich, and baseball always seems blue-collar… and I thought to you).

    So really, Joe (and I know you don’t actually respond to comments, but do please take them to heart), just what fan experience (and price-point, for those of us without free press access in the realities of today’s economy) do you rank these for? I can bring in my own food and bottle of water, get a great view, all for $5 dollars to see the Nationals. That means I could see a dozen games without paying concessions for about the price of one Cub’s ticket. That should matter in rankings.

  10. Reagan says:

    Nice first effort, Joe.

  11. rucksack says:

    Off topic comment: The sidebar link to the article, “The Royals Might Actually Know What They’re Doing” links to a “Page not Found!” Though surely accidental, this is darkly hilarious.

  12. Dave says:

    Or, on the “page not found” go to the MLB page. It’s there.

    Question on the Athens of baseball: when the Royals put Gordon in left, not right, did they do it with any stats basis? That is, it’s most unusual to put the best arm in left field. But, with more balls hit that way, is there a greater possibility of preventing extra bases taken (to home from second on a single to left for example) by having the stronger arm there?


  13. Thomas says:

    I can’t justify sitting thru a 30 second ad for 90 seconds of content… even for you.

  14. Sweet Pat Tabler Bobblehead, Dude.

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