Pixifood (PIKZ-ee-food), noun: Any food substance that is highly pleasant to the taste as a child and tastes shockingly unpleasant once you become an adult.

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Pixy Stix

As a child it tastes like: The powder of heaven.

As an adult it tastes like: Sugar, straight, poured right into your face.

Consequences of eating: Root canals.

Tidbits: Pixy Stix were originally a drink mix of some kind* but the Sunline Company of St. Louis realized that kids were just downing the mix straight without adding water. And instead of thinking, “Hey, this might not be too healthy,” instead decided to package the drink mix in little straws and ENCOURAGE kids to take it straight. I would say that every summer I would average roughly three Pixy Stix per day … I suspect that 40% of my paper route money went directly to Pixy Stix. Now, my teeth start hurting simply when I see the words Pixy Stix.

*Though it should be noted that I, like every kid I knew, did try adding Pixy Stix to water … and it was disgusting.

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