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Party Like It’s 2016

Lots more to come on the Josh Hamilton deal but, in the meantime, here’s a quick thought: Most people understand that in baseball, players generally begin to decline at some point in their 30s. People differ on the year most players decline — is it 32? 31? 34? 30? — but the general point remains.

Here are a few fun salary numbers for the lucky 30-somethings in the year 2016:

— 32-year-old Zack Greinke: $26 million

— 36-year-old Ryan Howard: $25 million

— 36-year-old Albert Pujols: $25 million

— 35-year-old Josh Hamilton: $25 million

— 35-year-old CC Sabathia: $25 million

— 32-year-old Prince Fielder: $24 million

— 33-year-old Joe Mauer: $23 million

— 36-year-old Mark Teixeira: $22.5 million

— 32-year-old Cole Hamels: $22.5 million

— 33-year-old Jose Reyes: $22 million

— 31-year-old Matt Kemp: $21.5 million

— 37-year-old Jayson Werth: $21 million

— 34-year-old Carl Crawford: $20.75 million

— 40-year-old Alex Rodriguez: $20 million

— 34-year-old Adrian Gonzalez: $20 million

— 33-year-old David Wright: $20 million

— 32-year-old Joey Votto: $20 million

— 31-year-old Troy Tulowitzki: $20 million

— 31-year-old Matt Cain: $20 million

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20 Responses to Party Like It’s 2016

  1. Ed Fett says:

    49-year-old Joe Posnanski: $23 million

  2. Mark Daniel says:

    Oh my God, ARod in 2016. Cripes.

  3. joobie says:

    more power to them.

  4. At least Greinke can opt out, the Yanks will try to veto A-rods deal.
    I know a hitters prime is 26-32 but what about a pitcher?

  5. Bob Waddell says:

    I sorted these by what I think are the worst contracts, and you can almost sort it by age. Bottom 6:

    Rank Name
    1 — 40-year-old Alex Rodriguez: $20 million
    2 — 37-year-old Jayson Werth: $21 million
    3 — 36-year-old Mark Teixeira: $22.5 million
    4 — 36-year-old Ryan Howard: $25 million
    5 — 34-year-old Carl Crawford: $20.75 million
    6 — 34-year-old Adrian Gonzalez: $20 million


  6. JIM LOOMIS says:

    Part of the rationale is that the clubs are willing to essentially waste the money paid out in the last couple of years of the contracts. It’s the price they pay to get the services of the player for those earlier years. By the way, I actually remember when the Red Sox signed Ted Williams for $100,000 a year … and the amount of the contract prompted a reaction of outrage, even in Boston.

  7. Rob Smith says:

    60% of these guys will be injured most of the season or out of the league entirely. Another 25% will be in substantial decline. Maybe 15% will be performing at a high level.

  8. Mark Daniel says:

    This list makes 32 year old Anibal Sanchez at $16M look like a steal.

  9. KHAZAD says:

    Baseball, with the teams having control for so long, and the guaranteed salary structure, will always have this. Players make little money (comparatively) in their early years despite solid production (what will Mike Trout make next year? Or David Price, Clayton Kershaw, Buster Posey, Andrew Mccutcheon? Probably all together less than any two of those guys combined.

  10. Blotz says:

    I knew the Votto deal would look better in hindsight. Can you imagine how much the Dodgers would have heaped on him if he hit the market?

  11. Eric says:

    With salary inflation, some of those aren’t quite as bad as they look right now, but none are good deal by any analysis.

  12. Marco says:

    From that list, I predict Crawford will deliver the lowest WAR/$

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  14. This list makes 32 year old Anibal Sanchez at $16M look like a steal.


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