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Opening. Day.

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  1. invitro says:

    Someone challenged me to battle them in fantasy baseball sometime last summer. I don’t remember who it was, but I’ve just created an ESPN fantasy league for Joe Posnanski readers. The league is standard, and here are its settings:
    – draft time: Tuesday, 9:45pm ET
    – it’s a snake draft (not an auction)
    – scoring is head-to-head, 10 categories, you play another team each week, and get a record from 10-0 to 0-10 depending on how you do in the categories.

    The league’s name is “Joe Posnanski’s Brilliant Readers”, and it does have a password, which is “kuiper”. The easiest way to look at the league and sign up is to just click this handy link:

    And remember the password is “kuiper”. (If nobody or only one or two people sign up by, say, Monday night, I’ll make the league public.)

  2. jalabar says:

    Sorry, Joe, but I have never gotten goosebumps watching George Brett challenge a regular season out call in a regular season game, one of 162 the Royals played that season.

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